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It's the 37th inning and the bases are loaded once again


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All of America is tuned out completely, and wait, yet again, no not again, and it's a pinch hitter, the T Party is at bat... and the swing, a foul ball. Looks like they voted to repeal Obama care once again.


Jim: well that was quite a crack of the bat/ hope that lady along the right field bleacher is going to be OK. She had a mitt as far as we can tell. No wait, somebody placed a glove over her face. It doesn't look too good.


Don't you just love this pastoral game George.


George Will: It's inconceivable to me to first pitch a so-called strike with this ineptitude of governmental

socialism and bureaucratic stamp of big government even if the T Party connects. It's a screwball,

Obama spit all over the damn ball. What the liberals don't say, won't say is that poor women who now appears to be deceased didn't catch the ball, so there's no rational way of calling it strike three.


Canter: bam, game still on.

Darrel Issa: There is obviously a cover up. Who put that mitt on her face. I've called for a complete investigation, nobody touch her.


Little Jim: And so now here we are in the 38th inning stretch so don't you dare have irritable bowel syndrome because we've all drunk too many sugary sodas. My penis is wetting itself, the washer inside it has ballooned itself and I'm only ten.


To be continued... I guess.








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