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Bilderberg 2013: Attendees Scared as Protestors Accumulate

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Bilderberg 2013: Attendees Scared as Protestors Accumulate

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June 1, 2013

For the first time in fifteen years the secretive Bilderberg Group will be meeting on British soil at the Watford Hotel, starting June 6th. Amongst the attendees will be some of the most diabolic, powerful, wealthy, royalty, politicians, head’s of state, and white collar criminals from all corners of the globe.

However, the pressure has intensified for the secretive Bilderburg Group in recent times, as thousands of protestors attended last years meeting which took place in Chantilly Virginia. This event was documented by Intellihub.com’sfounder and director, Shepard Ambellas, and his crew as a historical ‘turning point’.

This year protestors and citizens alike are catching on, that their ‘tax dollars’ are being used to protect this private cabal. In fact, the Telegraph reports, “Hertfordshire police have refused to release the cost of security for the event, which has previously drawn anti-capitalist demonstrators in other locations around the world.

However, they are in talks with the Home Office about a grant for “unexpected or exceptional costs” that is only given out if it threatens the stability of the force’s policing budget. The final bill would have to total more than one per cent of the police force’s overall spend – or about £1.8 million – for the grant to be successful.”

Locals are not happy with the expenditures.

Henry De Castries, Chairman of AXA, and Peter Thiel are set to attend in 2013.

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