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Illegal Welfare Queen gives the Finger to USA

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This is for the dumbass Liberals who don't think illegals get government benefits.

$700 a month in Social Security and never worked a day in the USA?? WTF!!!!




Another day brings yet another exposé that which reminds us how illegal immigration is literally bankrupting this nation – and which will no doubt be totally ignored by the mainstream media in their coordinated effort to shove amnesty down our throats.

Illegal alien and mother of seven, Florida resident Marita Nelson, receives $240 in food stamps, monthly medications, $700 in Social Security and a housing allowance.

And she has been receiving government assistance for over 20 YEARS – ever since she illegally entered the U.S. by swimming the Rio Grande.

She celebrates it…and is on a crusade to get other illegals to sign up for as many programs as possible – which as you can see in the disgraceful video clip below, the Obama Administration is paying “recruiters” to sign up as many people as possible!

The clip was from FoxNews’ Special Report , which analyzed the big business of welfare. The entire clip is worth seeing, particularly since it features a representative of the Libertarian “think tank” CATO Institute, who whines about the programs. Quite ironic, since CATO is the unrivaled biggest “research” pimp for illegal alien amnesty and unrestricted open borders in Washington – which is mindlessly backing the ‘Gang of 8′ amnesty bill for tens of millions of illegals that does absolutely nothing to curtail welfare for illegals, and in fact expands it.

Think she is an isolated example? Think again as you watch the clip below – also from Florida – that shows a busted illegal alien drug kingpin – whose family was also getting food stamps. Yet again, there is absolutely no effort whatsoever in the ‘Gang of 8′ bill to stop this. In fact Gang member Dick Durbin has even told us that “undocumented immigrants are not eligible for welfare programs”. What does Dick say about this….?



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The mole-faced whore says "Get it before it's too late" ?!


20 years of free shit (house, medical, no taxes) all to raise 7 bastards.


Why was bammycare so fucking important again? Poor people . . . blah blah blah ? zzzzz

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I have said for decades euthenize don't socialize. we are facing food and water shortages in the coming decades. Why not conserve food and water by euthenizing the chronic poor and the illegal aliens who come here to steal from us. There is nothing wrong with euthenizing these worthless scumbags. It's called shared sacrafice.

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Healthcare for all his aunt is mooching off govt tit also


What ever happened to Obama's illegal alien Uncle Dongo-Bongo Onyango that got the DUI? Is he still here parasiting off the Tax Payers?

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