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this is what I think about the irs issue

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Think that it will come out that the irs wasn't only doing this to so called conservative groups. My guess is that this was also done to anti war, anti drone, pro privacy and basically any group opposed to Obama. Keep in mind that no mainline conservative or liberal group had this done to them. The system thrives on divide and conquer tactics. So it's leaked that only so called conservatives were targeted in order to make this a left vs right issue before the whole truth had a chance to come out. Once again the system plays us off against each other. Some people are so wrapped up in this that they defend Obama and the irs strictly because he targeted so called right wingers. But if it came out that this was being done to so called liberal groups as well then the people would unite and the system can't have that. By the way I'm sure there will be people so partisan that they can't fathom this regime going after what they think are liberal groups. Hopefully the whole truth will come out and the people can unite over this.

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