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Ignite The Spark! Save the World!

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Christina Heller, who made the documentary Libertopia is now working on The Spark - and it's Much More than a film!






"At the dawn of the 21st century, America’s spiraling energy consumption hijacks our democracy and gambles our planet’s future. Meanwhile, 50 million Americans live in poverty, while our government stalls behind party lines. How can we break the cycle? The Spark shows a blueprint for realistic, immediate solutions. We follow two rogue pioneers —Dr. Marcin Jakubowski and Nat Turner—whose audacious thinking and radical community empowerment may raise the scaffold of a new American evolution: a healthy, fair, honest culture."




Seeing this film through to completion will be a huge step forward, and I really think we all would be doing ourselves a huge favor if we got behind it and helped make it happen!


Here's two things we can do to help -


1. Sign up for this Thunderclap. It will help The Spark big time. Click the share on fb link (twitter too if you have it). It blasts a message out on June 3rd. No $$ involved.





2. check out their just launched indiegogo and donate





"THE SPARK is a documentary about a genius technologist and a rebel educator, two pioneers from opposite spectrums with one goal in common: Build a sustainable community. Can two men driven by determination overcome global challenges to change the world?"


I believe they can IF we help them! Viva la revolution! Let's make it Spark!

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