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Government officials: The circle goes unbroken

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I find it interesting that many of the same people and their relatives keep getting recycled back through into government over and over. And it seems Obama follows that mantra to the core for some unknown reason. It is as if there is a cartel that has managed to control our government iregardless of party affiliation.


Here is another example. Lets keep in mind this guy was on watch when 911 muslim pilots were taking lessons, when all the warning signs flashed by Bush's eyes, etc. Why isn't he considered a failure instead of a success? Why a second run when there are other people in the ranks fully capable of doing the job?


President Barack Obama is prepared to nominate James Comey, a former Bush administration official with bipartisan credentials, as the next FBI director. In a possible warning sign, the top Republican on the Senate committee that would review the nomination said Comey would face questions about his ties to Wall Street.


Comey would replace Robert Mueller, who has held the job since shortly before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, which forced the FBI to transform itself into one of the nation's chief weapons in the war on terror. Mueller's last day on the job is Sept. 4.



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A circle is linear 2 dimensional mental concept, not exponential self contained, self maintaining, self evident result of functions adding into what exists now as each detail never remains as they existed before here in the moment Eternity combines eternally was that does continue being here now.

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