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Congressman Worried Over Balloon Threat - Helium Runnin Low

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Ignorant Congressman Hank Johnson Approves of the Helium Act

This is the same ignorant congressman that was worried that Guam would tip over and capsize if additional Marines were relocated to our bases there. Not many of you know about the present congressional action concerning the Helium Act (formally known as the Responsible Helium Administration and Stewardship Act). In a few short words, the US has a helium shortage, and low cost helium is vital to our national economy and scientific research objectives. Most of the helium in the US comes from the fractional distillation of natural gas produced from wells located in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. This helium, until 2005, went into a national helium reserve which is now being depleted and will run out in 2018. The single largest use of helium (about 1/4) is cryogenics, to cool superconducting magnets such as those used in MRI machines and for research magnets such as those used in Brookhaven’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. It is also used as a protective atmosphere in heliarc welding (welding aluminum), inert pressurizing and purge gases for processes such as growing crystals to make silicon wafers, etc. No one gives a rat’s ass about helium balloons except one stupid fucking clown that other stupid clowns from Georgia elected as a Congressman. Hear the clowns speech on the floor of Congress with your own ears!



Hank Johnson gives prohelium speech- 'Imagine, Mr Speaker, a ...

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He was kidding. Now who's the idiot?

Was he also kidding about Guam tipping over. We don't need comedians in politics, we need sound thinkers. Mook








And just how much do we pay this guy?

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