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Obama Meets Privately With Energy Industry Ceos On Storms

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I remember when Bush met "privately with energy industry CEOs", and how the left demonized him.

I'm sure this will be treated differently by our liberal friends.







President Barack Obama met behind closed doors with energy executives Wednesday in a session the White House said was arranged to discuss the industry's response to Hurricane Sandy last year and preparations for this year's hurricane season.

"The President thanked the utility executives for their efforts during the response to Hurricane Sandy and noted the strong working relationship demonstrated between industry and the federal government as companies worked to restore power to millions of customers in Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern States, including the resources and personnel shared to assist these efforts by a number of companies who were outside of the affected region," the White House said in a read-out of the meeting.


The White House did not respond to queries from POLITICO about why the public and press were excluded from the discussion, which took place at the Energy Department.


During Obama's first bid for the White House, the freshman senator complained about then-Vice President Dick Cheney's private meetings with energy industry representatives.


"The oil companies were allowed to craft energy policy with Dick Cheney in secret while every other voice was silenced ­ including the NASA scientists who tried to warn us about the dangers of climate change," Obama said in a June 2007 campaign speech. "When there are meetings between lobbyists and a government agency, we won't be going to the Supreme Court to keep it secret like Dick Cheney and his energy task force, we'll be putting it up on the Internet for every American to watch."


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I remember when Bush met "privately with energy industry CEOs", and how the left demonized him.

I'm sure this will be treated differently by our liberal friends.





Obama is half black and any critique of this is downright racism.

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anything obama does is surely a criminal endeaver, I dont believe he has a honest bone in his body. I see no goodness in him or his family. I will cuss Obama till the day I die, and in my funeral i will make sure something nasty is said about the obama family.

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