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State Of Kansas Kicks Out Obama & Eric Holder...new Gun Law

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Gotta love these states...they have clearly had enough of the america haters. Today we learned that South Carolina is on the fast track to nullify obamacare...House voted 65 to 39 to nullify obamacare...that state's governor has shut down any medicaid expansion in that state. Almost half the states are refusing to expand medicaid as obamacare requires. Almost a half dozen law suits pending against obamcare from groups in various states.


Now comes Kansas with their new gun law that says to Obama and Eric Holder you have no authority to regulate any guns owned or manufactured in this state. All guns within the boundaries of Kansas are the sovereign matter of that state...keep out! This sent Eric Holder into a fit of rage because Kansas now joins Montana and Alaska who have told Eric Holder the same thing...keep out...our guns are our business. Adding to Eric Holder's misery index is the fact that Alabama, Missouri, and Oklahoma are moving to pass the same kind of law.


The above states are right. Leftie's Commerce Clause (that leftie has bastardized and abused over the years) only extends to interstate commerce, period. Hence, the feds cannot regulate intra-state commerce. Only the state can do that.


Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha...the country is rising up...anyone denying that is either an idiot or a leftie.





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I have never seen such anti-fed-gov't movements going on in so many states. Over the years we hear yaking against the government which is natural, but I have never seen state after state go after an administration like this in my life time. The only historical example of multiple states going after a single administration like this is 1861 against the Lincoln administration.


States are passing laws nullifiying Obama's healthcare...half the state refuse to implement his medicaid expansion program...three states have effectively nullified federal gun control law within their borders as the request of their citizens. I don't know of an administration that has been sued so many times by states and groups or more lawsuits are pending.


Both Pew and Gallup show Obama to be the most divisive president in more than 60 years.

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Libs are anti-gun because they're all felons who can't own guns themselves.


That and they depend on others to do their shooting for them...they are cowards...

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