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Us Headed For The Coldest Spring On Record

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US Headed For The Coldest Spring On Record

At the two-thirds mark for meteorological spring, 2013 was the second coldest spring on record – slightly warmer than 1975.


Data is from here :

But 1975 had an unusually warm May at 17C. The two warmest months of May were in 1934 and 1896.


Both graphs above show the average of all daily temperatures at all US HCN stations, calculated per year.

The forecast for the first two weeks of May is well below normal, so odds are that the spring of 2013 will be the coldest on record in the US. This is what Fort Collins looked like at 7pm today (May 1.)


Crack government scientists with supercomputers, predicted in January that this spring was going to be super hot!


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We just got another 18+" of global warming my wife said......we're about 40 miles away from the picture above.


Kids are wishing those crack gubberment scientists and their supercomputers were correct, but that's not been the case.......again.

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