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P (Ublic) M (Essage) For Lored

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Thank you for not shunning me BUT all my 'How To Distinguish A Ultraliberal' post are inspired by real events, I'm sorry if you find that disturbing.


Thank you and God bless !


Ultraliberals believe the NRA is a satanic child sacrificing cult.

Well, I guess we don't need to bring in any more crazy; Old Mack has made sure that we are fully stocked.



After Gun-Control Defeat, NPR Anchor Inskeep Links to Crazy Rant Against NRA As a Satanic Child-Sacrificing Cult


Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2013/04/18/after-gun-control-defeat-npr-anchor-inskeep-links-crazy-rant-against-nra#ixzz2SBd0HpPa

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This one is unreal and you wanta talk crazy...this is directly right out of the Obama posse !


Ultraliberals would like to remove people from the voter rolls who don’t think like them.



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