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Good News, Were Hiring More People!

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Yes, it's true!!! Due to the economy being what it is we are going to hire more people. We plan to hire 10 more workers from the present thirty employed this year.


We have provided healthcare to all thirty workers at a tremendous cost, are premiums have gone up 30% in the last year. We recently hired a consultant to advise us on Obamacare cost going into 2014. We were devastated at what are projected cost increases that would occur.


So we had a choice, either go bankrupt under Obamacare in 2014 (we are barely breaking even now) or reduce the number of hours to 29 1/2 per week and hire 10 more workers to fulfill our labor demand. I guess that's one way to increase employment rates, downside is were all becoming part-time workers under Obama!

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