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The 40 Hour Work Week Hurts The Lowest Wages

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Your examples are flawed. You equate 40 hours of straight time with 10 hours of OT, and you used $12 per hour when you should have been using $8. My math has already been proven; you are the only one left arguing that OT is cheaper.



Your OP stated $12/hour.


There's also this where I put your OP to the test, which you are conveniently ignoring.



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Dr. No uses 12 bucks in his OP and then complains when you use his own figger?




It's almost like the OP was dishonest and disingenuous in the first place.


Looks like I called it.


Well, additionally, if he had 224 hours of labor to distribute and initially only hired three full-time employees and a floater, well, that's not saying much for the business acumen of the employer. Serves him right to be paying that much overtime.

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Really folks, this shit ain't that hard to understand. Seriously.



I mean we are talking Mickey Mouse owner 101.


Right. "This stuff," for the record, started with an OP. Try reading one and responding to it - it's fun.


The issue is whether OT laws hurt low wage workers.


Care to weight in PERTINENTLY?


I didn't think so... :lol: :lol: :lol:

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