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So France Says, 75% Tax On The Highest Incomes

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Simpson/Bowles - recession, repression, hey man, it's all the same.

Nobody can shed any real light on this economy, Dick Gregory, didn't say, doesn't know, and the Great Recession isn't yet over with.

Just how concerned were all these Balance the Budget folk just a few years back?

Where there you go again, as Reagan once famously said, intoning some quaint or very possibly sounding populism, talking down to Jimmy Carter who was the president then, before he dismantled the solar panels from the roof of the White House, mostly built by Afro-Americans.

So what is it, nobody seems to know what equality should look like.

Can't fix the coming calamity of entitlements, can't tax the rich, can't pretend there will ever be solid jobs even for the most educated, laden with debt.

No matter how far and wide - no matter the ingenuity or increased productivity, there is no equality for the huddled masses, never was.

Save your state, or leave it, if the taxes are too tough for you to pay.

Call Detroit the dead zone, leave the West side of Chicago for the gangs, and just preach

what is it, Capitalism, the U of Chicago, the advocates of free enterprise, shareholders - aren't we all

with such liberty pointed libertarian so born to be/ we need choice / a voucher, can't you see.


Still, it's kind of dismantling --- don't I owe the rich millionaire everything/ yet still I somehow don't know.

One at a time, keep working one and all, if you can --- what exactly that job will somehow be,

isn't concretely showing at all.


But we'll get by, hell, we're just a bunch of free loaders after all, goes for all the troops who paid

the god awful price too - you know, folks you might love and know, or maybe don't.


Pan the world thick and thin, plans, good ones they say, can only come from private enterprise,

and never your own government.


I want a bago, a winnebago, an old Chevy truck, affixed with ordinary table and chair, and a wood frame, an old stove, with an hand crafted ventilation, and good tires, so perhaps I can go, see some of the vast open land, this country has, and with my guns on a hand built rack, and all those odd necessary tools, and / perhaps just for hope, maybe a smart phone Gerry rigged,

so I gets me some microwaved in internet/ you know, Youtubs ill defined or Tweets to be tweeted to.




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Austerity is a failure.


The problem with high tax rates, though, remains: More money alone isn't a solution. France, like the USA, has severely pressing issues in terms of education; infrastructure; and immigration. They, like us, focus more on the problems than the solutions, offering nothing new or different.


Doubling down on stupid, or failed policies, just means one is twice as stupid and still failed.


There has to be a change not only in attitude and alignments, but in what we do with our tax revenues. I vote progress for people and the places where they live, not more of the same, and certainly not more for destruction; build, not bomb.

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