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Krugman --- Do Nothing

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The debt is real. Ever have a friend deep in debt. No hope of paying it back. Materially, the world is like this. Some say Greece, Italy, Mexico, countries in Africa perhaps.

What is the beacon of a balanced economy? What do you balance first, the budget, what is it, austerity, or expansion? What is it. What is a rut.

A stifling go nowhere resounding disagreement is more than less than half.

Cut off your nose to spite your face. Or face up to what needs to be done now, and not tomorrow.

T Party - no taxation without representation - of course the original act way back was done because tariffs on Tea and other essentials were paid to the far away host who was King George.

Today's T Party is devolutionist theory. The essential scheme misunderstood and slanted mostly by it's own followers.

It would be better today to let the fiscal cliff start on Monday, January 4th in the year 2016.

It would be better if everyone in the house went home until then and just let the bureaucrats do their stuff.

Time for the states to do what they do, you know, the regional powers, be they what they are.

Time for the corps to manage their people just so, and time for this world to do what it does best,

all by itself.

The truth of the matter is, it's the world, and all within it, that lives with itself.

So do nothing dear stupidest Congress in my lifetime. If you do, we'll all be just OK.



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I should say, Krugman means, that we have no hope of getting what we actually need from the deft Congress, so he implores them to leave it all alone (simply pay as you go). The US economy will be better off if the Congress does nothing because, we have no hope of them doing the right thing. And also, if they do nothing and, as things do get better, they will of course reason than that we should give them all their due credit, but alas, of course we won't.

I'm thinking about PTSD, and of all the returning troops who have done multiple tours in combat. It's in the budget, thankfully.

Yeah that one percent.

I'm thinking about the Drone's, the fear of terrorist plots, the Saudi family that pays for it, the oil, the famine, the natural curse of fossil fuels coming home to roost. I'm thinking about people, not platitudes. Resolve.

You can't simply make more, or mass produce. Economies of scale, capital equipment versus people doing the job is no longer

going to solve this mess. Think about jobs, revenues, farm bills, health, education and welfare, war, the internet, the tweet of the day, the human resolve, and then, what is next.

Here' s what it is --- resiliency. It's what is possible. And by god folks, that's one hell of a lot.



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