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Who's Hotter, Tarheel Or Chickie ~



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  1. 1. Who's Hotter

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you gotta treat em mean to keep em keen


I dont see where tarheel posted this:


chickies ass makes me wet, where is it?

he changed it to that. he apparently has girl on girl fantasies...sorry I'm into beef, not chicken ;)

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I am pretty sure niether one of them have an actual picture of them selves as picture....No offence to the two of you but they are probally fat...lol


That is the thing about the internet. It is too easy to lie. Which makes it hell for those who have a real story to tell. I don't really know about Tarheel, she has not been here long enough. But as for Chickie, I have never known an attractive woman who was that desperate for attention. If she looked like she says, she would have more than enough people fawning over her. I think she is just another internet transvestite. One thing I am sure of is that she isn't Christian, and if she is the Romans are right, she should be in an arena with a lion.

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Bible Worshipping!

They only way to lie! :D

No she does jew worship. Yahushua said "Salvation is of Yahuda", but the bible says jesus said "salvation is of the jews", so they think jews can save them if they "say" god bless israel, because YAH said he would bless those who bless israel and pray for the peace of jerusalem.

So they "say" they pray for the peace of jerusalem while teaching that satan is going to make a peace treaty in israel, so nobody wants to make peace.


Nowhere in the bible does it say satan is going to make peace in israel. It does say someone will make a covenant with many for 7 years. But if many meant israel, it would have said so. The worst thing about jesus satans is that they think they know something because they made up a wild theology out of thin air. And they falsely claim the Holy Spirit is with them, doing all that voodoo on stage and TV.


The Holy Spirit doesn't need to do lying signs wonders and miracles, and have people lie to get him glory.

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How can you say that? No one here has seen Chickie's "ASSets".

Frankly.....IT IS THE INTERNET. So......I'm not assuming EITHER is who the pictures are of. Chickie...seems to use photos of Miss Arkansas from 2012. Even the same hairstyle. Don't know about Tarheel, but,frankly, I'd be reluctant to post real photos here..of all places.

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