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I Read Or Hear, And Wane

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In some odd way, I suppose we all must genuflect with a solemn oath as an individual perhaps bows to what is king, not thy king, perhaps it's more regarding what we know or have learned about our own people. How our own personal dreams and hopes, and by that I mean, ones personhood, can possibly be galvanized in an upward fashion and is distilled from one's individual knowledge of one's clan or people -- call them your mom and pop, or say uncle Bob/aunt Gernie, or maybe a neighbor or a school teacher or mentor along the way.

We wax, or embellish, on achievement, and it reminds us of ups as well as of difficult times that were somehow survived. And if we wane, it might help us hopefully to see how others we personally know of who went before us got by, and perhaps picked themselves up from their own bootstraps/ embellishment +/- to some degree/ depending on family legend.


I was thinking the other day about how I used to take great pride in my first owned car, how I'd spend so much foolish time waxing that old clunk religiously almost every week. Why did I, I think, then, I remember how somehow it bestowed upon me some pride, and also in a strange way, the action of waxing in itself brought some strange personal satisfaction, even bliss.


Later on, when my kids were really young, I'd wash the family cars (2) by hand almost each and every week, something I never seem to do anymore - schedule is too busy now, I think. But those were good tiny small bits of joy too.


A wise person I knew said to me when I was a young man and was myself deeply depressed because I couldn't find a job at the time, that just waking up and making your bed is how you start to slowly get out from under a rut of not achieving what you have come to expect from yourself. A small parcel of mindful personal action can create a can-do-attitude that can can grow on a person/ that's where character comes from. Even if it's only an achingly tiny step, with it you'll gradually understand the path towards true bliss.


But history as a whole isn't like this. The more we see the more confounded about things we might just become. And it's truly stressful for a lot of people these days. We wonder about why things are the way they are, and there are no good answers that make us feel better about ourselves. There are answers of course, but they are neither here or there it seems. We feel like we could never affect a good positive change all alone.


I used to love old people and their stories when I was a kid. The Peoples History, to me, is extremely important. Going back to listen in on the history of your own, and their own and so on. The real accounts about sacrifice and dismay, and tragedy, as well as hope and long lost realizations of sheer joy, whatever they were, is so sadly missed these days.



I think we're blinded by what we hear and read these days, all the crazy nonsense that isn't true, and the wretched truth that isn't accurately said. And we wane, desperately so, as if we were waiting for the winds of change to point us all collectively in the right direction somehow.


Simple, is progress, something one needs to define clearly and concisely, simple progress towards prosperity takes great virtue, a collective agreement, or collaborative consensus that can never wane if indeed it is fundamentally true.


Anyway --- sorry for the disheveled meandering impromptu post. I just thought that many of us get it, as well as miss the point at the same damn time - myself included.



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Filters, the trick is filters. Myself, I scarcely listen/read/watch sports. It's just too ephemeral.


After long practice, I swear my ears & eyes blank out automatically @ the mere mention. It leaves lots of time to read, listen to music, watch some interesting TV - Fringe on DVD - excellent show, Dr. Bishop is vastly amusing. If he's a bit terrifying, too. It's a pleasure to not have the idiot box shrilling about shiny teeth, soft (v. dead) skin, & the usual canine traits.


Anyone can lead a calmer life - but I recommend simplifying the visual inputs, starting with TV. It's simply a marketing tool - it's not delivering products to you - YOU are the product, & you're being delivered to the faceless, heartless multinational corps that are pleased to think that they have usurped the role of the Wizard of Oz - the man behind the curtain while the projected giant face floats about in spurts of flame & delivers oracular nonsense @ full volume.


Watch where Toto goes ... & where he raises his leg!

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