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Hagel Confirmation Hearing, And What's Wrong With The Senate.

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When Kerry left the Senate the other day he left with these words - I paraphrase, "the Senate isn't broke as people do often say, rather the good things outweigh the bad, and it's the good things that can truly fix what's not right about now." Kerry said it better.


But - I have to disagree with Senator Kerry here. He was in the Senate a long time, how did things that were good about the Senate during his time there in effect fix any of the problems that increasingly only get worse?


I didn't watch the Hagel confirmation hearing, only saw small bits and pieces of it. Read some opinions in the news about it which miss the point in my opinion, like David Sangers in the NYTimes.. which basically talks about contradiction between Hagel's comments on how to deal with Iran, and the official policy of the White House. I believe like Flynt Leveritt that the US largely fails to engage with Iran --- and far too many Senators don't get that fact. ( to this end I'm talking about the fact that Iran would if earnestly approached allow for much great inspection of nuclear facilities, and a great openness toward the rest of the world. Also remember that Iran never invaded another country, dear idiot Senators. Yes - they back groups who do perform terrorist acts - but name a state in that region, or for that mater any state that doesn't do the same darn thing. When we talk al qaeda, we're talking chiefly about our ally Saudi Arabia. Saudi's matter of fact created and continually sponsor al qaeda --- which is not at all an obscure fact.)


Any way, I really quite loved seeing Chuck Hagel handle Senator John McCain's stupid grumpy old man questioning. I rewound it again a few times to great satisfaction. About eighty percent of the questions asked by actual Senators were stupid ones, political nonsense by any informed account.


I'm growing to really love old man Hagel - to me he's got a special way with words.











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