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Are Any Of You Sick Of Hearing 50% Of This Country Referred To As &#34

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but i like stop lights, and laws controlling the purity of my food, and air i don't have to crew first to breathe and seeing the kids able to read, or not speaking german as a first language.


the private sector is not the answer...the private sector is the wild west without regulation.

most of the ron paul type libertarian ideas seem to be based on the notion of honesty of the average human being while completely ignoring the human ability to exploit the exploitable....while the average human is basically honest, its the minority controlled by greed that cause almost every major problem is the history of mankind.

ever heard of the east india tea company?...look em up.

the private sector run amok would be worse than tryanny



the world is what it is...taxes are real, and they are not going anywhere in either of our lifetimes

Good post!


Much of the Libertarian philosphy is based on a past that never existed. That there was a time where every town had well kept houses and hard working families making a decent living based on how hard they worked. Everyone had a father that worked hard, a mother that took care her children, and bright, happy children playing hopscotch and tag.


The truth was that 6 year olds sent into the mines had a life expectancy of 9 years old after spending 3 years working 14 hours a day/7days a week in a dark mine. People living 14 people to a room in tenement buildings dying from disease, food poisoning and starvation. Orphans being sent to workhouses and prison inmates being worked to death in mines. The robber barons lived in vast mansions off the sweat, suffering, and death of their employees.


Child labor laws, free public schools, food safety laws, workman's compensation, unemployment, food stamps, public colleges, health care, and infrastructure these are all the important benefits that hold up a civilized country; and the conservatives want to remove them all.



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