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2014 And 2016?

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I agree with this assessment of Hillary. If these next few years are spent reinvigorating her health, she will be a formidable, if not impossible, opponent for the rethugs to overcome. And it will be amusing watching the forum right wingnuts shift from racial bigotry to misogyny.

Bernie Sanders would be nice, but what are his chances realistically? He'd almost have to start campaigning now to increase his familiarity and name recognition with the general public, don't you think?

I, honestly, would not have a problem with Hillary if it wasn't for her stance on firearms. But I will happily admit I am a one issue voter... big time. Which is what made this last presidential election so hard for me. Both candidates sucked and both are anti gun... what do? Vote Ron Paul. So I did.

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Honestly, 2014 anyway, hinges largely on the gun control issue. Historically speaking, support for new gun control is still at one of the lowest points ever among the public. Additionally, historically speaking, any time politicians support or propose gun control measures, they suffer for it. IF the Democrats intend to mantain any semblance of control, they will not press the issue. Though it may be a little too late at this point for some. But if anything ever comes to a vote, you can bet it will not be forgotten come election time and the Rebulicans will have more than enough dirt to throw to easily secure a victory.


Guns aren't even an issue. 2014 was decided back in 2010, when House districts were redrawn. The districts in which you will find significant numbers of single-issue voters who will vote Republican because of gun control are either 90% Democrat, and won't flip for anything, or strongly leaning Republican anyway.

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