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What Are Your Thoughts Regarding Stanford's Organic Food Study?

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There is a recent study that was conducted by Stanford University comparing nutrition between organically grown foods and non-organic foods, or mainstream mass produced food.


I think the study is fine, but what is left out by the news media isn't.


What is left out is not only taste, but also diversity, never mind toxic pesticides and soil erosion due to mono crop production.


Taste, some tomato you get from a locally grown organic farm if you're lucky means a lot. It's not something you can get in the middle of winter, it's something very much worth the waiting for. Some years better than others.


I thought the whole idea about organic farming was sustainability, which is something the news media didn't hit on regarding this study, not once. At least I didn't hear it. I listen to NPR, and even they didn't mention sustainability, which really makes no sense at all.


OK, so I'm sticking with the tomato on this tract. Tomato's are mass produced, they are green and tasteless fruits that go through this CO2 process to make them red, and we all know they taste pretty plain from the grocery most the time.


But then, think about chickens. Think about all those poor itybity creatures born in tiny cramped spaces, on a fine mesh, the only ground they come into contact with, like a factory they are mass produced, reared with antibiotic petrol laden feed, unknowingly disfigured and all. Just meat, teeny tiny bits of meat, they are all dropped into the grinder/ the final outcome/USDA tested and approved for eating/ no pathogens/ labeled and sold.


Milk, beef, pig, mass produced, smelly run off, toxic slime as a byproduct....



Hey, it cost more in the grocery store to buy the organic, so you don't. What's the total environmental cost someday, no that study wasn't done.


Most times in the grocery store the organic really ain't that good anyway and it's over priced.


The farmers market is where the deal is. Luckily I live next to an Organic Farm. It's only available from June to late October, and I live in California.


This isn't political, but then it is.


You know it is. Not rational, not completely knowledge based, it is sold by the media.


What do you think?



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