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Ngo And The Best Investment Question

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Today, the biggest guy on the block is the NRA. What good does it do? Not much.

Why don't you hear politicians talking about Green Peace? At least people who run Green Peace are worried about the environment, and also about people being tortured in prisons all around the world. They ain't that big, yet Green Peace does incredibly smart things with little.


You support Israel --- well, conservative support for Israel is in fact a problem for Israel and the US and the ME. Today, AIPAC, or the American Israel Action Committee amounts to a strangle-hold on the US Congress. And it's interesting that most American Jews don't like AIPAC --- a lot of Christians do strangely enough.


The NRA and entities like AIPAC do more harm than good. They create a disjointed political divide that defies all common sense. Instead of talking about good policy people today (the average US Citizen) are so-called, or labeled, either left, right or centrist.

It's really nonsensical in the lack of basic knowledge you see described all over the internet and cable news. It should be entitled, quasi hate strategies,lies, or propaganda tactics... all of these groups who basically operate under the guise of telling the whole truth.


I know that people are quick to blame the Unions these days, and we all know there was Union corruption in the past. Well eventually corporate interest groups built on that distrust of Union magnifying big time any corruption that transpired. People are half-way savvy enough to know, groups wouldn't spend money on advertisement if they didn't know it was well worth the expenditure;but then, even the best of us forget such a thing once we've invested in such and such, or a construct has tilted the balance of fair reasoning.


Things aren't what they used to be is the old mantra. I know, I remember the good old days, where to some extent people were more honest.

Today we all lament, even news agencies aren't as much concerned with telling the truth as they are in making a buck. Hell yes, even news agencies rely on revenues to stay afloat since after all they too are private business entities.


But what I'm talking about is; what is a good private non-governmental agency to invest in??? Does it work on real problems that affect us all in an honest way that governments can't, or is it a propaganda tool used improperly to help one group over another?


People laugh when someone like myself says he was pretty much a conservative once. But it's true. Propaganda is what has change me.

We, and by we, I mean a lot in my own family and many of my good friends (many who I adore and respect big time) have been bamboozled --- including even myself.


Our congress has been corrupted, our news has been corrupted, and our discussion regarding what's important to talk about - things that we can work together to change - sadly is no more rationally being discussed enough.


Green Peace is just one example of a positive NGO. Saving the Sea, talking about people who are wrongly enslaved by illegitimate governments, trying to hold onto self-sufficient tropical forests, etc... is something that is good for all and I rue the day when it isn't/ because it could also go the other way too.


It depends. As we've seen. Common sense today is an illegitimate term. If you could stop the division of people there's no telling where this world could go.




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