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113 Dead Kittens

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Just read a news story on Mediaite.com that has left me sad and very angry. Let me first say what happened, then I'll comment:


Montery Country (California) police officers and SPCA workers were shocked to find 113 dead kittens and 51 ailing adult cats stuffed into one single apartment unit.

On Tuesday the building's property manager came across some dead kittens while inspectin the premises. He phoned the cops who later came after a 2nd tip alerting them that more cats were moved to another nearby house.


Officers thoroughly searched the apartment to find the cats. They reported that all the dead kittens (113 of them, remember) appeared to be less than two months old. The 51 adult cats were suffering from respiratory illnesses and parasites as a result of being kept in filthy conditions. Police refuse to release the identity or the hoarder (cat killer) to the public but is urging people to send in photos of their missing cats as it is believed that the person was taking cats from the street which may be other people's pets.


SPCA Sergeant Stacey Sanders stated, ”It definitely makes you go home and kind of hug your animals a little tighter at night.”




Okay, I understand that hoarding is a mental illness and I truely feel sorry for the people who are unfortunate enough to have it. But regardless I am very angry at this person. As someone that has always loved cats I simply must hate this person. 113 dead kittens! Are you freaking kidding me?! I find it very hard to feel too sorry for a person that has caused so much pain and suffering to all these poor little animals. Hell, we only know about 164 of them, but think of how many we don't know about. This person could be responsible for the torture of a thousand of these poor kittens over the course of his/her life! Hoarder or not, how could you stand doing that to all these innocent, cute little balls of fur. You take them in, you take care of them! If you can't do that then leave em where they are or find someone else to take them that can care for them. But don't let your problems create horrible, painful lives for defenselss animals!


Ugh, I'm obviously very sad and pissed right now. So I'm going to stop. But I hope the person gets locked up for this. The police might not want this person's identity to be public, but if I was the building manager...I don't know, the cat killer's name might slip out of my mouth while the reporters are there. Just sayin...

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Mental illness...the gift that just keeps on kicking ass...so sad...

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