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When The Cows Come Home

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When the pundits from either the Right or the Left say, "well you know what, after looking at the facts and figures objectively and correctly, we now recognize that we were wrong all along, and we humbly apologize..."



When someone examines clearly the best way to explain to someone else how to learn anything that takes principled study to understand, even when they are not at all motivated to do so...


When a politician answers the question, why must politicians not tell the truth in an honest manner


When a good comedian is politically correct all the time and is still considered funny and topical by everyone...


When a human embryo is frozen and left to die is the same thing as an embryo that is used for stem cell research is the same thing as

controlling commodities for the profit of a few trading jerks on WallStreet at the cost of millions of lives and clearly rationally you see the difference...


When you say you've been to Israel and you tell other people to go, because it is quite a beautiful sight, where you can look from all high and see all the wasted desert lands that surround it, and someone chimes in, well they are all jealous, and you say, yes, and they also (the state of Israel) get billions in subsidies each and every year too, and that registers in that persons mind...


When the Buck Stops here was a good thing to say to everyone...


When people who want to be rich actually realize what being rich actually means --- with no plagiarism intended.


When Free is the impossible undertaking it should mean to be, dutifully noted


When the cows are already home, where is that, hopefully on a farm?



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When the cows are already home, where is that, hopefully on a farm?




When I saw the heading of your post, it reminded me of an event years ago when I was studying at the university and my Congressman (Rep. Jake Pickle) came to visit my city.


My friend in town went carrying a sign at the airport reading, "Your chickens coming home to roost", and wearing a chicken costume.


Your post brought back many fond memories

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