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The Issues The Colorado Tragedy Has Raised

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Well as promised in my earlier post about the tragedy in Colorado, I have created a 2nd topic to discuss the issues that have been raised due to this unfortunate event. If you have not visited my first topic about this tragedy “Horrific Tragedy In Colorado” I requested that no one debate issues in there. I wanted it to remain a place where members could express their sympathies about what has happened without being overshadowed by the discussions this raises. If you have opinions this is the place to discuss them. Hopefully in an intelligent way.


I would like to start out by saying that this was truly a sad, unfortunate tragedy. The families of the victims have my deepest sympathies and those who were injured have my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. It’s always hard losing loved ones, especially in such a horrific way. I’m not going to pretend to know what great sadness these people are going through, but my heart goes out to them 100%.


As anyone should predict, this brings debate back to many issues that have been argued before. Probably most notably is gun control. Also what causes such tragedies to occur.


GUN CONTROL - I have to start out by saying that I am a liberal and proud of it, but I differ from many of my fellow liberals when it comes to gun control. Though I do feel there should be some restrictions and necessary background checks and other things like that, I do believe that gun ownership is quite clearly protected by the Constitution. Some would say that the right to have guns was only for hunting reasons, but I disagree with that because back then, in most of the country, if you didn’t hunt you didn’t eat! There was no reason why hunting rifles would even need debated back then. So one could naturally assume that the right to bear arms was not just to protect hunters.

I have always argued that gun control doesn’t work because it stops the normal, good people like you and me from having them but criminals will still get access. True it would be a little more difficult for some of them, but many will still find a way. Disarming the law-abiding citizens is not, in my opinion, the answer to stopping the criminals.


CAUSES - I get so sick and tired of every time something like this happens people just love to go on TV and decide where to put the blame. And it’s always the same load of crap. Video games, violent movies, rock music, etc. etc. I read that Rep. Louie Gohmert from Texas, go figure (no offence to Texas which I have no problems with but you and Arizona take the gold when it comes time to crazy politicians) put the blame on the "ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs". This stupidity had my blood boiling. Some CNN contributors put the blame on video games and the violent movie discussion was brought up.


Hmm, but in other countries they watch the same violent movies, play the same shoot-em-up video games, and listen to heavy metal and rap music. And not all these countries are anti-gun. Canada has many gun owners, but people aren’t getting shot there at anywhere near the same rate as we in the US are.


Here’s some numbers for you:

In one year the gun murder numbers were:

35 in Australia

39 in England

194 in Germany

200 in Canada

And…I hope you are sitting down - 9,484 in the United States

That’s over 9,000 more people shot and killed in the US than in all those other countries combined. We have a problem.


So when these people came to cast the blame did anyone think about where the real problem might be? What about American policies? You want a damn good look at where these kids get the idea that the answer to all of life’s problems is too kill mass amounts of people, it’s there you will find the answer. Destruction and Death are the 2 Ds that describe the mindset in this country. If we have any conflict with another nation our first instinct is to go to war or start a bombing campaign or assassinate somebody. So perhaps when a troubled kid watches on the news where his leaders, men he is told to look up to, are murdering anyone who gets in there way then he starts thinking “Well, why shouldn’t I?” Again Canada has lots of guns and very few gun murders when compared to us. And how many times do you hear Canada threatening to bomb someone?


So maybe the answer isn’t stricter gun laws or censoring music and television, but changing the actions of the entire country. Sure occasionally a psycho will still kill people and occasionally we have just cause to use unfortunate violence to protect ourselves. But we need to let violence be the last option, not the first instinct. So much pointless crap is changed in the country to “protect” children. How about we really protect children by not programming in their minds that killing is the answer. Both adults and children, even the crazy ones, are a bit smarter than you may think. They know the difference between fictional violence in a movie and the real life violence that many of our leaders are so eager to create.


It’s like Marilyn Manson said, “Who’s a bigger influence: me or the president? I’d like to say me, but I’m going to go with the president.”

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