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The List! Obama 2012

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Election-Year endorsement of same-sex marriage




16 million: number of Americans who become eligible for Medicaid under the health care law




NCPSSM: Healthcare Reform, Seniors and the Supreme Court




President Obama's rescue of the auto industry is a big problem for Republicans





much much more at: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002836647

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1.) So? It is still a state issue.


2.) $1.3 trillion in annual debt.


3.) $1.3 trillion in annual debt. ACA now projected to cost over $2.3 trillion.


4.) $1.3 trillion in annual debt and the auto industry is still making the same mistakes pre-bailout because they know the government has to keep bailing them out now if they ever hope to see all the bail out money again.

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What I would like to see from President Obama for him to get my vote.


1.) Raise taxes and cut spending so that our incomes matches our outlays.

2.) Cut entitlements or make the lower 50% of Americans who receive more on income tax day than they put in actually put something into the pot. Wealth redistribution is stupid.

3.) Cut defense spending to $400 billion and end the Afghanistan mission. Stop subsidizing Iraq and Afghanistan.

4.) Fix ACA by capping insurance companies premiums through the tax clause. Begin shredding red tap. It shouldn't cost a million dollars to have a form filled out.


If I could get those 4 things he would have my vote even if it came to light he BBQ babies in the basement of the White House.

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