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What The Heck Has Obama Done So Far? Well, This!

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Time to be honest.


3.5 million in tax cuts for small businesses: FY12 deficit - $1.3 trillion

Tax credit for 29 million Americans for health insurance: FY12 deficit - $1.3 trillion

Expansion of Medicaid: FY12 deficit - $1.3 trillion

Added 4.6 billion to VA for retaining mental health professional: FY12 deficit - $1.3 trillion

Significantly increased the funding for VAWA: FY12 deficit - $1.3 trillion

Eliminated subsidies to private lender middlemen of student loans and protect student borrowers: Federal Government guarentees all student loans - FY12 deficit $1.3 trillion


I can go on all day long. If deficit spending wasn't right under Bush it sure and the hell isn't right under Obama. You cannot spend money you don't have like it is going out of style on crap. You cannot whine and moan about taxes and then give people tax cuts. You want to repeal the Obama Era tax cuts the go right a head and do it, for everyone. You want to close loopholes in the tax code then do it. But don't pretend like Obama has done us any favors by spending a significant amount of money yearly that we don't have.

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uhhh thats a lot of clicking...I think i have carpal tunnel syndrome now


But it was worth it I hope.


Besides, you can't be denied coverage now for a pre-existing condition. (Which we can thank the president for in his fight for expanding healthcare coverage!)

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