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The Accusation Of The Black Vote

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We all remember how Conservatives were so into the idea that Obama won the election because of "the black vote". They loved claiming that African-Americans only voted for Obama "because he was black." And you can be assured that if Obama beats Romney, you will hear the same load of garbage again.


Okay, so let's set aside the fact that most of them were Democrats anyway, and they agreed with his ideas and vision for America. The fact is he couldn't have won just because black people wanted a black president. Because I guarentee for every African-American who voted for Obama because he was black, a white guy voted for McCain BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE. The conservatives just don't like to admit that there still are MANY racists in this country. They like to make it sound like the only racists that exist nowdays are: the colored folks who hate white people! Haha. Sure buddy...


Besides, IF Obama only won because of the black vote then I say that's great! Why? Because black people in Florida were screwed out of their votes when Bush won so I think it's only fair that they got to pick the president this time around.

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