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Security Forces Target Al Wefaq General Secretary & Other Oppositi

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Security forces target Al Wefaq General Secretary and other opposition leaders by shooting directly at them








The Secretary General of Al Wefaq National Islamic Society was today targeted by the security forces who shot at him directly with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, injuring him in the shoulder and back. He was participating in a peaceful protest under the banner 'We will defeat you with our peaceful movement'.


The forces targeted anyone who was moving on the ground with brutal and barbaric repression.


Amongst the injured were other opposition leaders who were leading the protest including Hasan Al-Marzooq who received a rubber bullet to the neck and bled profusely. Jawad Fairouz, Al Wefaq's First Vice-Secretary General and former MP, was also injured in the attack.

The police forces besieged the area of protest, blocking all routes leading to it.


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