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Within The Rubric Of Citizens United Just Now

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Eighty percent of the contributors to super PACS are individuals. More money than ever before now contribute to not just the presidential campaign, but to all political campaigns, state houses,even lower, US Congress, and the Senate.

Get ready, here it comes. People were already cynical, don't turn out the vote, in the end, Super PACS, plan to make sure a lot of people just don't.

Just don't go out and vote, mixed messages are all about to become validations of what's the use.


The young youthful voice will be sullied by miss statements of fact, so much so, people wonder, where can I find any truth. Like, after 9/11, it was said, we are all afraid now. We weren't, we were mixed up mostly, and who could know, we were lied to, many of us felt as much, apathy, was pervasive. Even four years later, GWB was voted in again. The right was an unstoppable improbable uncontrollable falsehood, a mislabeled T Party, which in reality was quite hard to comprehend.


Someone has money and they are spending it all over again, they say this when asked, it's because we can. Free speech, money they say is free speech. The worker was not protected by the government, workers unions were fought against by police, your government, paid off, lack of representation, was concretely more than evident.


Don't pay taxes, everybody, be tax averse, while debt rises, and structural joblessness is more than just a sign of the times once again.


All along they said, it's those judges who find a insidious way to legislate from the bench, or, it's those liberal senators who hold democracy at bay because of their desire to filibuster against an honest vote. And, then they legislate from the bench overturning more than a century of law, and filibuster more than anytime ever before in our history.


What constitution, what possible way is there to change such a sweeping law, now that you know how your government works?


That's their hidden message. They think it will be prominent, more than any FACEBOOK, they seem to know just how to play the game.


Big Oil, education, oh, my teacher, that's the one person who took the time to represent science, that's why Exxon plans to put money in towards better education, one school at a time. Yeah, the corporations always did care, they're real people, and you can tell firsthand by their paid for radio and television adds. Or, perhaps, the bet is, you will just close it all off and say, I don't give a damn. Really, that's what they're thinking, that's why a few million is worth it. Anyhow, what's a few million, all of the sudden we think nine decimal points to the right, all the time, even twelve, now, we live in a different time now. Oh, you bet ya, we do...



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Oh, so I am this phat rich conglomerate billionaire, you know, some sod. But, no, I won't pay one red cent, not directly to any political voice. If I protest any policy, I do it bravely, all my own on foot. I have my car pull up, I say to the driver, slowly pull away you fool, I do this every once in awhile at night, whenever, I'm in town, I have my driver pull up when no one is around, right in front of the Lincoln Monument, and I shout out, you liar, you fool. I live in a representative government, paid for expressively by people like me.

The car then slowly pulls back around, I walk up to it, crazily, like I'm some sort of hoodlum, the driver is paid to act really scared, then, the window goes down, a projector in the back seat then projects a sign around that old Lincoln's neck, bought and paid for it says.

Than a large man gets out with white gloves, and he carefully opens the door and I get back in.

Then, it's back to the enclave, and my favorite dish that's awaiting, chicken cacciatore, made once again, just for me by an incredibly prominent chef.



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