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Dems Need To Accept Moderates On Abortion= Capture The House

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It is time for the Democratic Party to adopt moderate candidates on abortion back into the Party. I have seen many sincere Democrats get thrown out of the Party through financial woes or primary challengers specifically, over this issue. It is time to bring the Catholic vote back to its Kennedy roots. Its time to bring all Latino and especially Mexican voters back into the Party. And its time to pass an actual health care bill that assists the poor since, many moderates abandoned the issue over abortion... causing everyone in the nation to lose comprehensive care and thus, life.


The Democratic Platform currently contains language to allow taxpayer funding of abortion. National polls have consistently demonstrated that most Americans do not support the government paying for abortion. In fact, a February 2012 Quinnipiac University poll (national sample of 2,605 registered voters, margin of error ±1.9 percentage points) found that nearly thirty percent of Americans would not vote for a candidate with whom they disagreed on abortion but agreed on other issues. The Democratic Platform language should be inclusive and endorse the views of all Democrats.

Please support President Jimmy Carter and other Democrats which calls for the DNC to remove such language from the Party platform.


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the problem with the abortion debate is that for the extreme on each side there is NO middle ground. zero room for compromise.


there are not too many issues that are this divisive.


but the idea of just giving in to collect catholic votes in the house...I am not supporting that at all


right is right.


the government has no rights when it comes to a citizens own body

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