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The P B S Whitewash Of Clinton's Legacy

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15 minutes ago, BeAChooser said:



How convenient.

When is this criminality going to end, folks?

Perhaps when Chris Wray is indicted and sent to jail for covering for Hillary and the coup plotters?  


Or perhaps it will take the FBI and DOJ being burned to the ground to do it.


I dunno. Just don't stake too much of your happiness and joy on seeing justice served to Democrats.


I bask in the fact that the Supreme Court and much of the federal judiciary is constitutionally conservative for the rest of my life.

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4 minutes ago, SixShooter said:

I bask in the fact that the Supreme Court and much of the federal judiciary is constitutionally conservative for the rest of my life.


Unless they are blackmailed.  


Why do you think so many incumbent Republicans retired from the House in 2018?  


What do you think the purpose of Filegate and Obama's Spygate was?   

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Evidence Suggests the Hillary Clinton Team Created Dossier Was Provided to Steele, then Kerry’s State Department and then to the FBI

by Joe Hoft

Former Clinton friend and advisor, Dick Morris suggested in February 2018 that the Steele dossier might have been made up by the Clintons and that Steele was only used to provide it some credibility:




“The reason Hillary hired Fusion [GPS] is because she needed someone more credible than Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer to float these charges,” Morris alleges.

Just as the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee used intermediaries in financing the Steele dossier to keep its fingerprints off a document styled as intelligence and not opposition research, Shearer allegedly used the tactic of laundering to ensure that his information looked as though coming from a clean source rather than a political dirty trickster.


In April 2018 Real Clear Politics reported that they had received a 2nd copy of the Steele dossier that came from individuals related to the Clintons.




In late September 2016, Sidney Blumenthal, a close Clinton confidant and colleague of Shearer’s, passed Shearer’s dossier on to State Department official Jonathan M. Winer, a longtime aide to John Kerry on Capitol Hill and at Foggy Bottom.

According to Winer’s account in a Feb. 8, 2018 Washington Post op-ed, he shared the contents of the Shearer dossier with the author of the first dossier, ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who submitted part of it to the FBI to further substantiate his own investigation into the Trump campaign.


Real Clear Politics also noted that:



The only Trump campaign figures named are Donald Trump himself and his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, misspelled as “Manniford.” Shearer may be hinting at a third person when he quotes, without substantiation, a Turkish businessman saying a Russian source knows of a “cut out” or intermediary through whom the prospective “president of the U.S.” would communicate “into President Putin’s office.” The version of the two memos RCI has seen is undated.

This was a unique spelling of Paul Manafort’s name.  What’s coincidental is that another similar spelling of Manafort’s name was revealed in information gathered from John Kerry’s State Department.

Kathleen Kavalec took notes from a meeting with Steele where she misspelled Manafort’s name in a similar fashion (Manaferd) as in creepy Shearer’s memo –


... snip image of meeting notes ...


It looks like Steele provided Kavalec in Kerry’s State Department the bogus dossier after he received it from others in the State Department.  Kavalec then provided this to the FBI.

Last night Congressman Mark Meadows said that the Steele dossier and therefore the Mueller report is built on a “foundation of sand”.


It looks more and more like the entire Steele dossier was not only paid for by the Hillary campaign but may have been created by the Hillary campaign as well.  The whole thing was a manufactured sham used by the Deep State to attempt a coup of the Trump administration.

Let’s be honest, folks.    There’s only one way to fix what DemocRATS have broken.  Put Hillary and her entire crew in jail, along with Obama and most of his crew, along with at least half the FBI and DOJ (and maybe even CIA), along with most in the leftist MSM.  If we don’t do that, they are only going to keep on doing this sort of thing every chance they get.    It’s in their nature and they'll think they can get away with it.   And until now, most of the time they have gotten away with it, which is why we now have this pickle ... in this mess that threatens the very survival of this nation.   If you want to live in a communist state run by the sort of folks who did this ... folks who will be immune from whatever rules they apply to you, then just keep ignoring this.   And don't complain you were never warned.   :angry:

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The State Department revealed Monday that it has identified "multiple security incidents" involving current or former employees' handling of Hillary Clinton's emails, and that 23 "violations" and seven "infractions" have been issued as part of the department's ongoing investigation.

The information came in a letter to Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, who is responsible for overseeing the security review.

"To this point, the Department has assessed culpability to 15 individuals, some of whom were culpable in multiple security incidents," Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the State Department's Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Legislative Affairs, wrote to Grassley. "DS has issued 23 violations and 7 infractions incidents. ... This number will likely change as the review progresses."

The State Department, calling the matter "serious," said it expected to conclude the investigation by Sept. 1. The department acknowledged that the probe was unusually time-consuming.

"Given the volume of emails provided to the Department from former Secretary Clinton's private email server, the Department's process has been necessarily more complicated and complex requiring a significant dedication of time and resources," Taylor wrote.

Taylor also noted that disciplinary consequences were pending.

"In every instance in which the Department found an individual to be culpable of a valid security violation or three or more infractions, the Department forwarded the outcome to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security's Office of Personnel Security and Suitability (DS/PSS), to be placed in the individuals' official security file," Taylor wrote. "All valid security incidents are reviewed by DS and taken into account every time an individual's eligibility for access to classified information is considered.

"This referral occurred whether or not the individual was currently employed with the Department of State and such security files are kept indefinitely," Taylor added. "Consistent with the referral policy, for individuals who were still employed with the Department at the time of adjudication, the Department referred all valid security violations or multiple infractions to the Bureau of Human Resources."


It’s coming, snowflakes …



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BREAKING: FBI Was Giving Different Intelligence Briefings to Candidate Trump than to Candidate Clinton (VIDEO)

The Democrats and liberal media insist that Russia wanted Trump to win over Crooked Hillary.

The entire premise is ridiculous. The Russians had enough dirt on Hillary to fill the White House.

The TRUTH is that the entire DC establishment including the Obama White House, the liberal media and the Obama Deep State wanted Hillary Clinton to win… and they worked tirelessly and illegitimately to make it happen.

And still failed.

On Sunday former prosecutory and Rep. Trey Gowdy joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.

During their discussion Trey Gowdy told Maria that the deep state FBI was giving candidate Donald  Trump different intel briefings than candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trey Gowdy: Here’s one, Maria, have you seen the disparate defensive briefings they gave candidate Clinton versus Candidate Trump? And has anyone asked the FBI to explain why they took entirely different tracks to those two debriefings? There’s a lot left to be seen by you and your viewers.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:





I’m just waiting for indictments.




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And the beat goes on ...






(Reuters) - Denise Rich, the wealthy socialite and former wife of pardoned billionaire trader Marc Rich, has given up her U.S. citizenship - and, with it, much of her U.S. tax bill.

Rich, 68, a Grammy-nominated songwriter and glossy figure in Democratic and European royalty circles, renounced her American passport in November, according to her lawyer.

Her maiden name, Denise Eisenberg, appeared in the Federal Register on April 30 in a quarterly list of Americans who renounced their U.S. citizenship and permanent residents who handed in their green cards. (link.reuters.com/naq28s)

By dumping her U.S. passport, Rich likely will save tens of millions of dollars or more in U.S. taxes over the long haul, tax lawyers say.

… snip …

Rich’s ex-husband, commodities trader Marc Rich, fled the United States in 1983 when indicted on charges of tax evasion, fraud, racketeering and illegal trading of oil with Iran. They divorced in 1996.

Marc Rich received a presidential pardon in 2001 on President Bill Clinton’s last day in office. Federal prosecutors and Congress investigated the pardon, and in 2002 a House of Representatives committee concluded Denise Rich had swayed the action through donations to the Clinton library and campaign.


Ah yes … Denise and Marc Rich (now deceased).


Let’s take a stroll back through memory lane …





The Slimy Trail of Marc Rich: How One of the Clintons’ Best Friends Gave the Gift That Keeps on Giving

… snip …

Why would Bill Clinton pardon someone so infamous and obviously disreputable? Certainly, Rich had the opposite of popular support in the U.S.; he was a billionaire who boasted of flouting the law and using tax loopholes to his advantage while the country suffered through recession during the 1980s.

The answer may be found in Rich’s wife’s donation of $450,000 to the Clinton Library and $1 million to Clinton-supported Democratic causes in the period prior to Rich’s pardon. Even to this day, Denise Rich remains a close personal friend of the Clintons and a repeated donor to Hillary Clinton’s senatorial and presidential campaigns, despite renouncing her American citizenship for tax purposes.

Denise’s good friend Beth Dozoretz, a veteran Democratic Party contributor, apparently was so close to Bill Clinton that he telephoned her 10 days before the pardon took place to give her advance notice of the good news to pass on to her pal. After Bill left office, Dozoretz was hired for a senior State Department post under Hillary after serving as the finance co-chair of her 2008 presidential campaign. In recent years, she’s supported Hillary’s “Ready For Hillary” Super PAC and donated up to $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation with her husband Ron.




More proof of just how slimy Hillary Clinton is, folks.


Just saying ... B)

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Well, well, well ...






Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times in Early 90s

Days after Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on sex-trafficking charges in New York, Bill Clinton distanced himself from the high-flying financier and convicted sex offender. The former president owned up to just six encounters with Epstein, starting in 2002: Four flights on the billionaire’s private jet, a single trip to his Harlem office, and one “brief visit” to his New York apartment, all with staff and security detail in tow. 

Now, a Daily Beast investigation has uncovered ties between Epstein and the Clinton administration that date back to the president’s earliest days in the White House, casting doubt on the oft-circulated narrative that the two only began associating after Clinton left office.   

As early as 1993, records show, Epstein donated $10,000 to the White House Historical Association and attended a donors’ reception hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Around the same time, according to a source familiar with the connection, Epstein visited presidential aide Mark Middleton several times at The White House. Two years later, businesswoman Lynn Forester de Rothschild wrote a personal letter to Clinton thanking him for their talk about the financier. 


Mark Middleton?  Now where have I heard that name before?   :blush:    Ah yes … in regards to the Chinagate investigation, where the Clintons and DNC accepted millions of dollar in illegal campaign contributions (and perhaps bribes) from foreign entities … in particular, Communist China.    During that investigation, Johnny Chung testified under oath that Red China's General Shengdi told him that he gave Mark Middleton $500,000 for Clinton.    All very illegal.  Investigators for the Committee on Government Reform checked Mark Middleton's bank records and found he received over $1.75 million dollars from Asian "businesses"!   When asked about this, Mark Middleton pled the 5th.   In fact, he took the 5th  28 times during the Chinagate investigation and was the highest ranking official in Clinton’s administration to do so.   Funny how his name keeps cropping up in the more sorted affairs of the Clintons.

But wait … there’s more to the story …




When the president released his initial statement on Epstein, he did not explain the multiple other trips he appears to have taken on the financier’s plane—including one flight to Westchester with Epstein, his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell, and an “unnamed female.” 

Clinton also failed to mention the intimate 1995 fundraising dinner at the Palm Beach home of Revlon mogul Ron Perelman, where Clinton hobnobbed with the likes of Epstein, Don Johnson, and Jimmy Buffett. (Nearby, at Epstein’s own Palm Beach mansion, the money man allegedly abused hundreds of underage girls.)

The two were clearly chummy by the early Clinton Foundation years, as attested to by a 2002 photo of Epstein and Clinton in Brunei that appeared in Vicky Ward’s2003 profile of the financier. In a 2002 piece for New York magazine about the Africa trip, Clinton praised Epstein as a “highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist.”

Politico recently claimed that Clinton and Epstein connected in the first few years after the president left office. Citing “people who know those involved,” the article pegged Maxwell as the glue connecting the two men, and Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, as the tie between the president and the British socialite. Politico noted that Maxwell had vacationed with the Chelsea in 2009, attended her wedding in 2010, and participated in the Clinton Global Initiative as recently as 2013. (A Clinton spokesperson denied Chelsea and Ghislaine were close.) 

Documents in the Clinton Library, however, attest to much earlier links between Maxwell, Epstein, and the Clinton White House. 

In late September of 1993, Bill and Hillary Clinton hosted a reception for supporters who had contributed to recent White House renovations. The nearly $400,000 overhaul—which included new gold draperies and a 13-color woven rug for the Oval Office—was funded entirely by donations to the White House Historical Association, a private organization that helps preserve and promote the White House as a historical monument.

The reception took place at the White House residence from 7:30 to 9:30pm, according to a copy of the president’s daily schedule. White House Social Secretary Ann Stock—who appears in Epstein’s little black book of phone numbers—was listed as the point of contact. According to multiple attendees, the evening included an intimate tour of the newly refurbished residence, followed by a receiving line with the President and First Lady. Dessert was served in the East Room, where the couple thanked everyone for attending and announced the Committee for the Preservation of the White House.

Guests for the event, according to the invitation list, included the journalist and philanthropist Barbara Goldsmith, heiress Jane Engelhard, political consultant Cynthia Friedman, and “Mr Jeffrey Epstein and Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell.” Epstein and Maxwell do not appear on the ‘regret list,’ and there is a letter ‘A’ next to both of their names, indicating they planned to attend. A press release from the event, put out by Hillary Clinton’s office, lists Epstein as a White House Historical Association donor.

Attorneys for Epstein did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

A letter from the following month reveals the extent of the financier’s generosity. Bernard R. Meyer, the executive vice president of the White House Historical Association, sent a note to Epstein’s Madison Avenue offices on Oct. 4, thanking him for his $10,000 contribution. The donation, Meyer wrote, would "assist in funding the costs of refurbishing the Oval Office in the West Wing and certain areas of the Executive Residence.” 

A carbon copy of Meyer’s letter was also sent to A. Paul Prosperi—a college friend of Bill Clinton’s who visited Epstein frequently when the financier was jailed in 2008. Visitor logs show Prosperi, a Florida-based attorney, visited Epstein at least 20 times during the 13 months he spent in Palm Beach county jail for procuring an underage prostitute. Prosperi also attended the 1995 Perelman fundraiser where both Epstein and Clinton were present.

… snip …

The White House refused to identify anyone associated with the Historical Association fundraising at the time, but records show Prosperi was intimately involved. The attorney is cc’d on letters to numerous donors, in which Meyer identifies him as the recipient of the contributions. Prosperi even wrote a $10,000 check to the association himself, according to a letter from Hillary Clinton’s personal counsel, Susan Thomases.

“I am forwarding the enclosed check in the amount of $10,000 to the White House Historical Association,” Thomases wrote to Meyer in 1993. “I expect to receive additional contributions and will forward them to you.”


And note!



Prosperi was convicted of fraud, filing false tax returns and forging securities to hide his multimillion-dollar swindle of a client in 1997. Clinton commuted his sentence in 2001, in one of his last acts as president. The attorney died in 2016. 

This sort of reminds me of the saga of Mark Rich.  


Funny how many criminals who donated money to the Clintons got pardons or commutations in the last days of his administration?


 Just saying ... that’s all part of the Clinton legacy.  

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Just now, dontlooknow said:

Trump is way worse than the Clintons. Trump paid a porn star off. And he was friends with a pedophile Epstein



Thanks for bumping the thread, tommy.   Even inanities like yours will help keep this thread front and center so people are better informed about true nature of the Clintons. 

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You can thank the Clintons for this …





Never-before-seen footage reveals the top secret command centre and mighty arsenal of China's missile army

    •    Beijing's rocket force are seen discussing strategies in the classified office 
    •    Clip was released by People Liberation Army to in a show of military might 
    •    It also shows multiple warheads soaring into the skies and blowing up targets 
    •    China claims to own 2,500 missiles, including the Dongfeng and Julang series


Just part of their legacy …

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Here's something to add to Bill's legacy ...




And boy is there a story behind that painting.


Perhaps an indication that Jeffrey Epstein considered Bill Clinton his be-atch?


And why would he think that, folks?


Think about it ...



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This definitely deserves to be added to Clinton’s legacy …





How Bill Clinton Sent Manufacturing Jobs to China

By Michael Bargo, Jr.

On May 28, 1993 Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12850. This improper EO changed the way the U.S. made trade deals with China and led to the loss of tens of millions of American manufacturing jobs. The story of how this was done not only proves that the Clintons are behind the loss of American jobs, but shows how Bill Clinton established a Democratic strategy for manipulating foreign policy that was copied by both Hillary while she was Secretary of State and Obama while he was president.

At the time, U.S.-China trade relations were conditioned upon China’s humanitarian treatment of its own citizens. Americans had seen protesters in Tiananmen Square crushed by Chinese tanks. The brutality of the Chinese toward unarmed protesters had shocked Americans so much that China was required to treat its citizens in a humanitarian way in order to maintain its MFN (Most Favored Nation) status,

China desperately needed to keep its MFN status for one reason: only with MFN status could it get a huge discount on tariffs it had to pay to the U.S. With MFN Chinese manufacturers only had to pay a 6% tariff. Without it they would have had to pay an unprofitable 40%. So without its MFN status China couldn’t as easily compete with American manufacturers. China’s MFN status was suspended during the Korean War, but conditionally reinstated in 1980 under the Jackson-Vanir freedom of emigration amendment to the Trade Act of 1974.

This is where Bill Clinton stepped in. With his 1993 Executive Order, he unconstitutionally seized control of the MFN conditions, removing it from the involvement of Congress, just as Obama seized treaty control away from the Senate with his Iranian nuke deal.

Clinton’s Executive Order was issued at a time when the U.S.-China trade deficit was only $18 billion a year. In 2015 the deficit was $367 billion.

It’s important to understand that at the time China’s MFN status was annually up for review by Congress. The effective law was passed in 1974. What Bill Clinton did, with an unconstitutional Executive Order, was to use “the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States” to rewrite a Congressionally approved treaty and change the terms. The way he changed it is eerily similar to the way Hillary practiced State Department decisions when she was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2012.

Bill Clinton intentionally, with great harm to jobs in the U.S., changed the terms of the law in this way: instead of requiring a vote of Congress to reaffirm China’s MFN status every year, Bill Clinton illegally shifted the decision-making role to the Secretary of State. This eliminated the power of Congress to approve the annual MFN status. President Clinton, in his 1993 statement, said this was necessary to avoid the “annual battles between Congress and the Executive” which was divisive. Of course it was divisive -- the Framers of the Constitution intended it to be so. Without the input of the elected members of Congress the people had no say.

Similarly, Hillary Clinton used her position as Sec. of State to personally approve/disapprove many agreements. President Obama was to emulate this shifting of foreign policy making to bureaucrats in 2015 with his so-called Iranian “deal.” An agreement with a foreign nation is a treaty, not a deal. This is because the authority of the U.S. government is used to both make the treaty and adhere to its terms. The Constitution properly gives the people, working through the Senate, the opportunity to have a voice in the terms of the treaty. Bill Clinton, Hillary, and Obama all stole this input from the voters and placed it under their control.

And just as the Clinton Foundation has been linked to relationships Hillary had to her speech payers and donors, Bill Clinton’s decision to send jobs to China by permanently controlling its MFN status has been linked to campaign donations. Boeing Company wanted the EO. Boeing was the parent company of the Loral Corporation, which donated $100,000 to the Democratic National Committee in June, 1994, according to a Washington Post report at the time. A nice reward to Clinton for his MFN status change.

The Loral Corporation is a major developer of missile flight control software and at the time they wanted to launch satellites from China. Boeing also owned McDonnell-Douglas which in 1994 made an agreement with China to open a parts factory in Beijing. If this all seems oddly similar to the deals Hillary made with foundation campaign donors, well, that’s because it is.

While Bill Clinton made this deal through an Executive Order, it’s important to note that there are other developments which have evolved from the EO. The Clinton Foundation is legally located in Canada, allowing the Clintons to hide the identities of their donors. They also used the foundation as a method of obtaining payment for delivering unprecedentedly expensive speeches. In return, it appears that Hillary allowed donors access to her office and granted State Department permission on numerous foreign trade deals. Since these agreements and deals were made through email the Clinton email scandal is seen as an effort to hide the pay for play evidence.

In 2001 Boeing got a $63 million dollar incentive “deal” from the Democratic mayor of Chicago to relocate its headquarters there. These incentives will likely be paid for, in typical Democratic Party style, by the middle-class and poor taxpayers who will have to make up that $63 million through their own family’s budgets. Boeing only brought 500 jobs to the city, costing taxpayers $126,000 per job. This, like the Chinese MFN Executive Order, promoted as a good investment for the city.

When all of these actions are thoroughly investigated, these deals will reveal that the Democratic Party’s globalization initiative is mostly a scheme to get rich by trading U.S. governmental authority, and American jobs, to enrich a tiny number of people. As the Clintons and Obama get richer the American people lose jobs and become poorer. Those are facts.

This is primarily done by shifting the authority of government. Bill Clinton bestowed the authority to reauthorize China’s MFN status to the Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton bestowed upon herself the authority to negotiate with companies with foreign interests and the foreign nations themselves. And Barack Obama seized the power of Federal agencies through his 32 czars, bypassing the restraints imposed by the Constitution. The basic strategy is to shift authority, then control that newly created authority, bypassing the role of Congress.  It’s only just begun. Voters can decide if they want to see more unrestrained power brokering by Hillary.




They truly deserve to rot in prison.

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(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that a federal judge granted seven additional depositions, three interrogatories and four document requests related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private, unauthorized email server. Hillary Clinton and her former top aide and current lawyer Cheryl Mills were given 30 days to oppose being deposed by Judicial Watch (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01242)).

The court rejected Justice and State Department arguments to protect Clinton and the agencies from additional discovery and ordered agency lawyers to respond to Judicial Watch’s questions about their knowledge of the Clinton email issue. The court granted all of Judicial Watch’s requested discovery but gave Clinton and Mills 30 days to file any opposition to the requests to question them in person under oath.

The new court-ordered discovery allows Judicial Watch to take testimony and gather evidence of Clinton’s handling of emails, specifically in an “after action memo” drafted by Heather Samuelson, Clinton’s senior advisor at State and White House liaison. The memo was created in December 2014 to memorialize the Clinton team’s processing of the Clinton emails. The discovery also asks for when Justice and State Department attorneys learned about Clinton’s private email use; and what senior records-keeping officials at the State Department knew about Clinton’s emails and when they knew it.

… snip …

On December 6, 2018, U.S. District Court Judge Lamberth ordered Obama administration senior State Department officials, lawyers and Clinton aides to be deposed or answer written questions under oath. The court ruled that the Clinton email system was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

The court ordered discovery into three specific areas: whether Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server was intended to stymie FOIA; whether the State Department’s intent to settle this case in late 2014 and early 2015 amounted to bad faith; and whether the State Department has adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch’s request.

Judicial Watch’s discovery over the last several months found many more details about the scope of the Clinton email scandal and cover-up:

    •    John Hackett, former Director of Information Programs and Services (IPS) testified under oath that he had raised concerns that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff may have “culled out 30,000” of the secretary’s “personal” emails without following strict National Archives standards. He also revealed that he believed there was interference with the formal FOIA review process related to the classification of Clinton’s Benghazi-related emails.

    •    Heather Samuelson, Clinton’s White House liaison at the State Department, and later Clinton’s personal lawyer, admitted under oath that she was granted immunity by the Department of Justice in June 2016.

    •    Justin Cooper, former aide to President Bill Clinton and Clinton Foundation employee who registered the domain name of the unsecure clintonemail.com server that Clinton used while serving as Secretary of State, testified he worked with Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, to create the non-government email system.

    •    In the interrogatory responses of E.W. (Bill) Priestap, assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, he stated that the agency found Clinton email records in the Obama White House, specifically, the Executive Office of the President.

    •    Jacob “Jake” Sullivan, Clinton’s senior advisor and deputy chief of staff when she was secretary of state, testified that both he and Clinton used her unsecure non-government email system to conduct official State Department business.

    •    Eric Boswell, former assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, testified that Clinton was warned twice against using unsecure BlackBerrys and personal emails to transmit classified material.




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3 hours ago, BeAChooser said:



It's not though
With a five year statute of limitations, They're  all going to walk.


If they don't get a move on, all this Crossfire Hurricane stuff is going to expire too

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