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The P B S Whitewash Of Clinton's Legacy

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12 hours ago, BeAChooser said:


Did you look at the date on that post you quoted?   And would you care to challenge anything alleged in this thread about the Clintons?   Or are you just HOT AIR?









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2 hours ago, jimjc said:










^^^^ Just HOT AIR.  As I suspected.  

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35 minutes ago, BeAChooser said:

PS ... did you notice that jimjc was able to get his caps lock unstuck when he was posting in the snowflake room?   Wonder what that was about?  B)





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Hillary lets the NY Times know that she didn’t really mean it when she said she wasn’t going to run for president

by Thomas Lifson

A day after telling a local New York television station, News 12 Westchester, “"I'm not running, but I'm going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe," Hillary Clinton seems to have had second thoughts. Someone (my guess is Hillary herself) told New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman that she didn’t really mean it:



Watch her statement on camera and decide for yourself if “she wasn’t trying to be emphatic”:




My guess is that she was a bit surprised and upset at the speed with which sighs of relief were heard from most Democrats – not just the contenders for the nomination, but across the board, including the rank and file. She is rightly afraid that she is now relegated to has-been status, someone who can be ignored. The comment on John Kerry reveals the jealousy and fear she feels that other Democrats may eclipse her in prominence, influence, and the ability to command speaker’s fees and raise money.

This is a woman who, after all, has lusted after power her entire adult life, ever since studying Sail Alinsky and taking on the role of agitator, and then discarding it for power-wielder instead.

A third guess: she secretly hopes that the other Democrat contenders will form a circular firing squad and weaken each other to the point where a deadlocked convention would turn to her as a savior, begging her to accept the nomination as a party-unifier, finally able to win because the Russians no longer are able to aid Trump.

Of course, that’s poppycock on multiple levels, but it probably helps her get through the night.


So when are the Clinton REALLY going to be irrelevant ... fade into the sunset?  


We’ve been promised that by both DemocRATS and the GOPe ever since 2000.  


But like zombies, they keep rising from the dead to cause more trouble.    


As as long as that keeps happening, I’ll keep demanding that they get the justice they deserve.  


Even if they’re 90 years old.  


Because what they did deserves to be punished.    


If for no other reason than to ensure that their spawn has no political future.  


Just saying …

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13 minutes ago, jimjc said:




You must, because you're posting on this thread.  


Well, thanks for the bump.  


Thanks for helping me bring the criminality of the Clintons and your party to the public's attention.   B)

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All anyone needs to know about the Clintons is:


Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood.  Black babies need to be aborted

Robert Byrd, Grand Master of the Klu Klux Clan


How stupid can people be to think Democrats give two Bad words about you?  Now Democrats are calling you people of color?  Democrats have labelled you,  Do you like being labelled?



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Clinton lawyers, DoJ, made deal to block the FBI’s access to Clinton Foundation emails, Strzok says

The legal team for Hillary Clinton “negotiated” a deal with the corrupt Obama Justice Department that denied the FBI access to the private email server she had set up in her home related to the Clinton Foundation, according to a recently released transcript of congressional testimony from fired FBI agent Peter Strzok.

The transcript, which was released by Rep. Doug Collins, (R-Ga.), because the Justice Department would never do it, revealed that during questioning by House Judiciary Committee general counsel Zachary Somers, Strzok admitted that Clinton’s private servers harbored various emails linked to the Clinton Foundation, as well as her role as Obama’s secretary of state and other matters.

… snip …


In other words, Clinton, through her legal team, had final say over whether the FBI could have access to evidence they required in order to adequately investigate an alleged crime — in this case, mishandling of highly classified information.

Do you recall a time when a private citizen had the power to ‘negotiate’ with the Justice Department what evidence the FBI would not be permitted to see? Strange; President Trump’s first national security adviser, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, had no such power. Neither did Paul Manafort or long-time associate Roger Stone.

Or millions of other Americans investigated by the FBI through the years.

In his testimony, Strzok noted that a “significant filter team” at the bureau was available to “work through the various terms of the various consent agreements.”

“According to the attorneys, we lacked probable cause to get a search warrant for those servers and projected that either it would take a very long time and/or it would be impossible to get to the point where we could obtain probable cause to get a warrant,” said Strzok.

Just how is it the FBI could or would be denied access to email servers that were central pieces of evidence in a case involving a) criminal mishandling of classified emails; and b) electronic communications related to the Clinton Foundation?

Mind you, the foundation has been accused of accepting “pay-to-play” transactions — accusations stemming in large part from an International Business Times report that Clinton’s State Department approved $151 billion in DoD-brokered deals with 16 countries that, amazingly, donated to the foundation. That amounted to a 145 percent increase in completed sales to those countries over the same time frame during the Bush administration.

What added to speculation that the deals were dirty is the fact that contributions to the foundation fell by 90-plus percent after Hillary was defeated by Donald Trump in the 2016 election, according to financial statements.

Finally, the foundation received $145 million in donations from parties tied to the Uranium One sale, in which Hillary was said to have not taken part though she was serving as the country’s chief diplomat at the time. Coincidental, we’re sure.

But the fact that Clinton was allowed to negotiate which evidence the FBI could and could not see in the first place is outrageous.

“What’s bizarre about this, is in any other situation, there’s no possible way they would allow the potential perpetrator to self-select what the FBI gets to see,” said former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, onetime chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee until 2017 “The FBI should be the one to sort through those emails — not the Clinton attorneys.”

You would think.



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The Russian collusion hoax began, continued, and ended with Hillary Clinton

by Jordan Schachtel

A lot has already been said about the results of the Mueller probe, which, according to Attorney General William Barr, absolved the president of claims that he colluded with Russia and obstructed justice. Now who will be held accountable for promulgating the Russia hoax in the first place?

The Trump-Russia hoax was originally a black propaganda campaign to smear then-candidate Donald Trump as a compromised individual who, if he became president, would be a commander in chief subservient to the Kremlin.

The Russia hoax began during the late stages of the 2016 presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired the now-infamous opposition research and PR firm Fusion GPS, presumably to conduct an investigation into then-candidate Trump’s ties to Russia. That effort resulted in the Trump-Russia dossier, which was allegedly crafted by former British spy Christopher Steele. In parallel with Fusion’s efforts, political operatives with deep ties to the Clinton family emerged with a second dossier and began to disseminate false information about Donald Trump’s supposed ties to the Russians.

Thanks to the assistance of Hillary Clinton’s connections in government and useful idiots in the Republican Party, the Trump-Russia narrative made its way into the upper echelons of the Obama administration’s Intelligence Community. CIA Director John Brennan, DNI chief James Clapper, and FBI Director James Comey were but a few of the high-ranking intelligence officials who were all too eager to lap up the false Trump-Russia claims. They even leveraged this information to launch an unprecedented surveillance campaign against Donald Trump and his associates.

Although Hillary Clinton ruthlessly smeared Donald Trump as a Russian agent and Obama intelligence agencies regularly leaked stories to the media about the supposedly compromised man that was Donald Trump, none of it stuck. On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.

At first, it seemed that the clock ran out on their investigation. But Hillary Clinton’s campaign set in motion a continuing effort to delegitimize President Trump’s mandate to serve as president.

Thanks to shoddy reporting in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and countless other legacy media publications, coupled with television pundits and politicians on CNN and MSNBC promising that there was indeed collusion, The Trump-Russia hoax was alive and well in the hearts and minds of much of the American public. In addition to the anonymously sourced leaks coming from Obama holdovers in government, many pointed to an Obama Intelligence Community assessment that reportedly relied on the Steele dossier as evidence of a sophisticated Russian plot to interfere in American democracy. The Obama intel report, published just two weeks prior to Donald Trump’s inauguration, concluded that the Russians did indeed interfere in the election.

The appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, largely on the basis of the sketchy intelligence assessment, allowed for the creation of what amounted to a fourth branch of government. To many on the Left, Hillary Clinton was the president in waiting. She was the real president, they said, and many concluded that it was only a matter of time before Mueller and his team of Democrat prosecutors found evidence of collusion.

In the end, there was no collusion or obstruction. The president has been vindicated and his mandate for office restored beyond the shadow of a doubt. In the end, it was Hillary Clinton who refused to accept the results of the election. Clinton is a seasoned veteran when it comes to escaping criminal prosecution. Will she also escape blame for creating and advancing the biggest hoax in American history?


Haven’t I said over and over that this was a Clinton plot?

But I disagree with the author that it was just shoddy reporting from the MSM that kept the lie alive.   It was DELIBERATE reporting.  


As sundance pointed out in another thread I started, the MSM are very much a participant in the seditious conspiracy to topple Trump.  


After all, many of them are Clintonistas.  


So it’s time to not only hold Hillary (and Bill) accountable, but also the mainstream media.  


Some of them need to go to jail to teach the rest to behave.  


Or they’ll do it again, thinking there’s no punishment for trying.   Just saying …



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Make no mistake, folks … Hillary and the DemocRATS want to outlaw everyone who voted for Trump.  


She wants to put anyone wearing or saying MAGA in reeducation camps.  


The left wants to exterminate us if that fails to get the desired result.  


You vote DemocRAT in coming elections and you are voting for your own extinction.  


If you fail to vote against DemocRATS (i.e., sit out the coming elections), you vote for your own extinction.

Do ANYTHING to help DemocRATS and you will get the government you deserve. 

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Ken Starr: Hillary Clinton 'Triggered Vince Foster's Suicide, But This Is Why I Omitted It From The Final Report

by Matt Vespa

We all kid around about the so-called Clinton body bag conspiracy theory. For most, it’s for a few laughs or a jab at the Clintons, one of the Right’s favorite targets. With her defeat to Donald J. Trump in 2016, taking swipes at Hillary and Bill is still a pastime, though we don’t have to fear another term with them in the White House. In most cases, the swipes we take at the two-time presidential loser is that she’s a limousine liberal, who is way out of touch with most of America that aren't insufferable progressive snobs. So, I guess it’s time where we can unveil one last skeleton from the Clinton closet. Yes, there was the emails about the alleged quid pro quo that surrounded the Clinton Foundation; Guy’s post about how it was a de facto slush fund can be found here. Yet, one death during the first Clinton administration has always been a source of speculation: the suicide of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster. Well, according to Ken Starr, the independent counsel who looked into Foster’s death, which was part of his Whitewater probe, the former first lady berating Foster in front of White House staff “triggered” his suicide, but left that part out of the report so as to not upset Hillary. Ronald Kessler of the Daily Mail has more:




Ken Starr purposefully left out the finding that Hillary Clinton had 'triggered' the suicide of President Clinton's Deputy White House Counsel in his final FBI report to spare her feelings, DailyMail.com can reveal. 


FBI agents investigating the death of Vince Foster learned he was set off after Hillary attacked and humiliated him in front of other White House aides a week before he took his own life on July 20, 1993. 


At a reception for authors participating in the 2019 Annapolis Book Festival last weekend, I asked Starr why he omitted the damaging FBI finding.

At first, he beat around the bush, citing well-established facts indicating that Foster was already depressed before Hillary lashed into him at the White House meeting.
But when pressed, Starr admitted he 'did not want to inflict further pain' on Hillary by revealing that her humiliation of Foster a week before he took his own life pushed him over the edge.


In interviews for my book The First Family Detail, the FBI agents who worked the case for Starr revealed the truth about Foster's death when he shot himself at Fort Marcy Park along the Potomac River.

The investigation into Foster's death was conducted for independent counsel Starr's probe of the Clintons' investments in the Whitewater real estate development. 
In interviewing Clinton White House aides and Foster's friends and family, the FBI agents found that a week before Foster's death, Hillary as First Lady held a meeting at the White House with Foster and other top aides to discuss her proposed health care legislation.  

She told him he didn't get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time. 

Hillary violently disagreed with a legal objection Foster raised at the meeting and ridiculed him in front of his peers, former FBI agent Coy Copeland and former FBI supervisory agent Jim Clemente told me. 


'Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting,' Copeland said. 'She told him he didn't get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.'



As noted, Foster was already depressed prior to his suicide, which reports say were exacerbated by the failed Attorney General nomination of Zoe Baird, whose pathway to becoming the nation’s chief law enforcement official were dashed when it was revealed that she had hired illegal aliens. And yes, these alleged outbursts aimed at him by Hillary probably didn’t help. Foster reportedly suffered a serious panic attack over the failed Baird nomination (via WaPo):




Why did the stings of Washington life, endured by so many, prove fatal for Vincent W. Foster Jr.?


From the pinnacle of the Arkansas legal establishment, Foster leaped into the service of his boyhood friend, Bill Clinton, after Clinton was elected president. According to Fiske, the toll on Foster was intense from the beginning. During the transition period – when he vetted a number of top appointees – Foster complained to his Little Rock physician of depression and anxiety.

His symptoms grew worse when he got to Washington. In January 1993, Zoe E. Baird was forced to withdraw her nomination as attorney general because she had failed to pay taxes for a nanny; fresh from his inauguration, President Clinton was hit with charges of elitism and corner-cutting and incompetent screening. Foster blamed himself – the Fiske report shows him constantly shouldering blame for mistakes made in the chaotic White House – and the night of the Baird debacle Foster was literally sick from a panic attack.

The embarrassment was even greater when seven employees of the White House travel office were summarily fired amid hints of financial shenanigans, because it turned out the investigation had been slapdash, the firings hasty, and the odor of cronyism hung over the whole affair. The "Travelgate" fallout singed Foster and burned his friend and protege, William Kennedy, also of the counsel's office. Kennedy drew an official reprimand.

Foster's colleagues at the White House advised him to shake off the episode, but for him Travelgate apparently became an obsession. He felt guilty because he had assigned Kennedy to the travel office investigation. He begged his boss, then-White House counsel Bernard W. Nussbaum, to let him take the heat and the reprimand in Kennedy's place.



So, there you have it; Ken Starr reportedly didn’t want to hurt Hillary’s feelings over the matter. As for the conspiracy theories surrounding Foster’s death, well, you already know them. No need to flesh them out further here.




This article is just garbage.   Matt Vespa should be embarrassed.   Apparently he is too lazy to know the facts surrounding the death of Vince Foster.   To lazy to spend any time digging into the MANY problems with Starr’s report on Foster’s death … as well as all the other “official” reports on the death.   Vespa’s article is puff piece garbage which makes me suspect that Vespa is not really a conservative … but a tool  of the UNIPARTY.   The facts in this thread ( https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/119154-the-p-b-s-whitewash-of-clintons-legacy/ ) prove that Ken Starr is a corrupt WEASEL … whose job is to PRETEND he’s conservative while protecting the Clintons and UNIPARTY from serious damage.   He’s Deep State through and through … a stooge of the Clintons.And I think the same is true of Vespa.   He outright dismisses the idea that the Clintons could have been behind several deaths (including Foster’s) in the very first sentence of this piece of garbage.    Even thought there is plenty of hard evidence pointing to that conclusion.    He even mentions the “body bag” conspiracy right away to make the idea more laughable.    This isn’t honest reporting … it’s the same sort of propagandistic tactic that the MSM used in when discussing the theories that Foster and Brown were murdered. 

Furthermore, Vespa spouts a lie (I suspect knowingly) when he declares Foster was already depressed prior to his *suicide*.  The facts simply don’t show that.   The facts show that  EVERYONE that the authorities talked too immediately after the death said Foster was NOT depressed.   They laughed at the idea.  His friend Web Hubbell dismissed the notion.   Even Bill Clinton said Foster showed no sign of depression.  But when questions were asked about the thoroughness of the first investigation by Fiske,  Starr was brought in and based his ENTIRE depression theory on the testimony of just 3 people, all of whom changed their testimony 180 degrees … from claiming there was no sign of depression to Foster being depressed … one complete week after Foster’s death, immediately after they attended a closed door session in the Whitehouse with Bill Clinton and his thugs.   


There are so many things wrong with Starr’s Foster investigation that I could spend days talking about them (and I have on this forum).  


In addition to questions about the above, why did Starr simply drop mention or interest in the so-called Vince Foster suicide note once handwriting experts concluded it was phony?  


Why wasn’t Starr the least bit suspicious about that WhiteHouse meeting?  Why wasn’t Vespa?  


Why no interest in the bogus green oven mitt evidence that Starr presented, when no one previous to him mentioned it and when testimony/inventory lists rule out the possibility?   


Why did Starr show no interest in evidence, which he had in his possession, that clearly showed Dr Beyer lied about the x-ray machine being broken?  


Why did Starr refuse to make public the work of the three consultants he'd hired who highlighted the obvious lie by Dr Beyer?  


Why did Starr fail to tell the three judge panel about an FBI memo written two days after the death stating Foster was shot in the mouth with no exit wound (contrary to  Starr’s report)?   


Why did Starr show no interest in his investigator's discovery that photos of Foster's head/neck showed a wound where Beyer's report claimed there was none?  


Why did Starr ignore a dozen eye-witnesses who said there either no wound where one was officially claimed or that there was a wound in a location not claimed?  


Why did Starr fail to mention there were witnesses (2 paramedics and 2 motorists) who testified they saw a briefcase in Foster's car at Fort Marcy Park?

Isn't that odd in light of the fact that Foster's briefcase showed up in his office later.  


Especially when that briefcase turned out to contain a bogus suicide note, that was discovered days after it had already been searched.  


Why did Starr show no interest in Foster's one day trips to Switzerland?   


Why did Starr show so little interest in what Foster was doing at the time of his death?  


In the fact that the last person to see him alive said he seemed perfectly fine.  


Why did Starr show no interest in the contents of a safe in Foster's office that was ransacked by Hillary's people the night of his death?  


Especially given the fact that the White House at first claimed no such safe existed.    


Especially given the fact that a Secret Service agent testified he saw Hillary's staff remove stacks of files from Foster's office, over police tape.  


Especially since there was demonstrably a flurry of conversations between the people in that office and Hillary Clinton the night that Foster died, conversations they initially denied occurred.  


And I could go on and on


Make no mistake … Starr’s report on the Vince Foster death was a COMPLETE SHAM … A COVERUP.   Even his top investigator, Michael Rodriguez, quit in disgust and calling it that.  In this thread ( https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/119154-the-p-b-s-whitewash-of-clintons-legacy/ ) I carefully documented the numerous outright lies that Starr told about Foster’s death … that he used to clear the Clintons and their staff …  as well as proof that Starr concocted out of whole cloth *evidence* to exonerate the Clintons (like the bogus green oven mitt).   


Read it … the many posts on Foster and you will walk away convinced that Starr was corrupt to the core … a Clinton lackey trying to protect the Clintons and nothing else … working to NOT convict them of anything serious is anything at all.   Make no mistake ... Ken Starr is a large part of the reason the Clintons are still around today causing trouble.   That makes Starr the reason Obama ended up in the Whitehouse … with Hillary in his administration, too.   He’s the reason Hillary almost won in 2016.   Because if Starr had done an honest job, none of that would have happened.

Starr is a SNAKE and don’t be deceived by the OP article.   He and Vespa are not trying to hurt Hillary here.  They are  trying to keep the public from looking any deeper at what really happened, now that the screw is turning and it looks like there might be investigations into past FBI and DOJ conduct.  The author of this garbage article is either an unwitting or willing tool in that goal.   Vespa even says at the end of the article “As for the conspiracy theories surrounding Foster’s death, well, you already know them. No need to flesh them out further here.”   Like hell there isn’t.    Don’t trust him from now on either until he proves he can be trusted.   And he could start by doing another article on Fosters death that tells the full story ... and the truth.   

sundance talked about the need to focus on The Predicate where the Russian Collusion hoax is concerned.   And he was right.  Look where that’s led.   There's evidence Obama and the DemocRATS manipulated the 2008 election and spied on hundreds of people, including the Supreme Court Justices, before Trump even came along.   I say look at the predicate where FBI/DOJ corruption is concerned too … at how that corruption started back in the 90s during the Clinton regime.   Look at the coverups they engaged in the deaths of Foster and Ron Brown, Filegate, Emailgate (#1), and so forth, to protect the Clintons.  Some of those crimes are still prosecutable.  I believe there’s no statute of limitation on covering up a murder.    If they covered up the murder of Foster or Brown, then it’s time to deal out justice.    Let’s really drain the swamp completely, folks.   Don’t let WEASELS like Starr and Vespa keep that from happening.  It would be a serious mistake.

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13 minutes ago, BeAChooser said:


Says a guy who probably voted for Hillary just 2 years ago.   :rolleyes:

i dd 2 years ago thats my point its the past and i regret it but it was 2 years ago whats wrong with you? well no live in the past then enjoy yourself, like some lube? Image result for sex lube for sensitive skin

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9 hours ago, guilluamezenz said:

i dd 2 years ago thats my point


No, that's my point.   If it's been your point, you'd have mentioned voting for Hillary in what you originally wrote, SNOWFLAKE.   What you're doing now is just spinning.

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Well, well, well …





NXIVM Sex-Cult Prosecutors Have Evidence Of Illegal Clinton Campaign Contributions For "Political Influence"

US Attorney Richard Donoghue asked a federal judge last month for permission to present a mountain of new evidence in the NXIVM sex-cult trial - including evidence of an "illegal scheme to exceed contribution limits to a presidential primary campaign," in the "hopes of obtaining political influence to advance their own agenda," according to a March court filing. 

"At the suggestion of a political operative, who has since pleaded guilty to an unrelated New York state bribery charge also involving campaign contributions, the contributions were “bundled” and presented to the candidate at a fundraising event attended by conspirators," the filing continues. 


And whose "presidential primary campaign" did the group allegedly attempt to buy influence with?


None other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to former NXIVM publicist-turned-whistleblower Frank Parlato, who told Big League Politics "I was there, and I knew that the contributions were made by more than a dozen NXIVM members to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign."

At present, the judge overseeing the case has not responded on the case docket. 

Founded by accused pedophile Keith Raniere, NXIVM started out as a multi-level-marketing self-help business for people who wanted to "reach their potential" through various courses.

NXIVM's Clinton connections have been known for some time 

After being run out of Arkansas in the early '90s by then-Governor Bill Clinton's attorney general on charges of fraud and business deception, Raniere and NXIVM executives emerged a decade later only to donate $29,900 to Hillary Clinton's 2006 presidential campaign a decade later. At least three NXIVM officials are (or were) "invitation-only" members of the Clinton Global Initiative, according to the New York Post. 

Meanwhile, NXIVM's 'inner sanctum' turns out to have been sex-cult known as 'DOS' - which Parletto says stands for "dominus obsequious sororium," or "master over the slave women." 

Raniere's inner cadre included Seagrams heiresses Clare and Sara bronfman, who joined NXIVM in 2002 and subsequently contributed $150 million of their inheritance to the organization, while Claire bought 80% of Wakaya island off the coast of Fiji for $47 million in 2016, according to Vanity Fair. 

Female members of DOS - such as former Smallville actress Allison Mack, would procure women for Raniere - who required that prospective "slaves" upload compromising collateral into a Dropbox account. One such recruit-turned-coach was India Oxenberg - daughter of Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg, who met with prosecutors in New York in late 2017 to present evidence against Raniere. 

Raniere and Mack were arrested on federal charges which include sex trafficking, forced labor, wire fraud conspiracy, human trafficking and other counts. Most recently, Raniere was accused of having sex with children and producing kiddie porn, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

Mack - who allegedly held the second-most-senior position in NXIVM, pleaded guilty earlier this month to racketeering charges and manipulating women into becoming sex slaves."I believed Keith Raniere's intentions were to help people, and I was wrong," a tearful Mack told a Brooklyn judge. "I know I can and will be a better person," she added.

Prior to his death, Clare and Sara's father, Seagrams founder and former president of the World Jewish Congress Edgar Bronfman (whose funeral Hillary Clinton spoke at), told Vanity Fair of NXIVM "I think it's a cult." 


Edgar Bronfman Sr. receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in 1999

A cult which tried to buy favor with Hillary Clinton, allegedly. 

(March filing below, P. 24) 





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This definitely belongs on this thread ...






Hillary's Two-Year Tantrum

By Tim Ziegler

For the last two years we have all been forced to endure the temper tantrum thrown by Hillary Clinton over her second Presidential campaign loss just as the spectators in a grocery store aisle watch the young mother attempt to discipline her out-of-control toddler as it thrashes itself screaming across the floor.

The American people defeated Hillary in the Democrat Primary season of 2008. The popular version of that loss is that Obama overwhelmed the party with his charm. The reality is that Democratic Party voters chose his inexperience, melanin level, and vacuous campaign of "Hope and Change" over the known petulance and criminality that they had witnessed during the 1990s by the Clinton administration and didn't want to give the keys of the republic to the Clintons again.

Hillary and Patti Solis-Doyle ran a disastrous campaign in 2008 that was only superseded in its ineptitude by Hillary's and John Podesta's campaign of 2016. Barack Obama became the candidate and then president for two terms because of the second worst presidential campaign in American history.

Hillary's overarching personal ambition was that she was destined to be President of the United States. It wasn't that she was a popular candidate. It was merely her turn.

Clinton couldn't win that nomination in her own right. She had neither the courage nor the interpersonal and political skills that a politician like her husband Bill, who was brought along for the ride because he possessed the skills but not the ambition to be President. Bill demonstrated that his true desire was the access to myriad females that the offices of state attorney general, governor of Arkansas, and then POTUS afforded him. It was Hillary's ambition for him to be president so that she could wield the power behind the throne.

It isn't just the campaigns that were utter disasters, but also her tenure as secretary of state. Her testimony in front of a House committee where she displayed her contempt for Congress, the American military, her own ambassador to Libya, and the three other Americans whose lives were wasted in her foolish attempt to politically reshape North Africa, the Middle East, and imperil our biggest ally in the region -- the State of Israel -- was the height of arrogance.

Hillary never understood that she was her own worst enemy. The more people got to know her, the more they disliked her. Her campaign crowds in Iowa were paltry compared to Sander's enthusiastic and youthful attendees. The same would be true eight years later when Trump was holding rallies for the tens of thousands of supporters who supported him not because of his Republican Party credentials but because he was running against Hillary, while she could only garner hundreds to occasionally thousands in her campaign events.

Hillary thinks that the crime that party members committed in 2008 was to choose Obama over her. Having destroyed her own political career, it appears she vowed to return the party’s favor. Hillary Clinton has used, abused, and destroyed the Democratic Party. She appointed Debbie Wassermann-Schultz to reign over the Democratic National Committee. The crimes committed by Schultz on Hillary’s behalf in illegally suborning the will of the Bernie Sander's voters had to be covered up by Donna Brazile.

It was those disenfranchised voters who failed to show up that kept Hillary from winning the election against Trump.

The entire Russian collusion fiasco has been an attempted coup de etat against a legitimately elected President of the United States.

For over two years we have listened to the harping of her flying monkeys of the press, Democratic-voting bureaucrats, and potential crony-consultants seeking employment in Washington undermine and denigrate Donald Trump who really was elected to "drain the swamp" and "fix Washington D.C.” because he wasn't a politician. The American electorate had tried fixing the corrupt conundrum in the nation’s capital by switching parties every two terms so that the corruption wouldn’t become too deeply embedded. That didn’t work. The corruption and spending continued apace. Donald Trump was elected to fix that, and, to not let Hillary Clinton embed the corruption any deeper than it already was.

The Democratic Party and the Republican establishment have been complicit in the Clinton crime spree. After their impeachment of Bill Clinton in 1998, the Rule of Law just became too hard. Republicans, while famous for taking the easy way out, need to reform themselves soon or they will go the way of the Whigs. Don’t forget that Trump handily defeated the curdled cream of the crop of Republican presidential hopefuls before wiping the floor with Hillary. If Democrats ever want to return to national political relevance, they need to stand up and purge their party and the country of the Clinton plague. Both groups can only return to honor by honoring their oaths to the Constitution of the United States and reestablishing the Rule of Law. For Democrats, this may mean a decade or so in the political wilderness. 

The almost 20-year long war has deeply shaken the foundations of our republic. Whether they are Bernie Sander’s voters or Tea Party types, Americans demand for political reformation is strong. The same-old, same-old is not going to cut it with voters any more.



DemocRATS and GOP establishment types would be wise to heed what I've highlighted in red.   Because if they don't ...


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