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Registration Terms

Forum Terms & Rules - (You'll be Posting in One Minute!)


LiberalForum.org is wholly owned by Websites for insurance agents.


1. Disclaimer of Liability. LiberalForum.org (and its owner Webdesignoffice.us) disclaims all liability from the use of our politics forum or any part of our chat room politics website.


2. Banning. LiberalForum.org reserves the right to Ban any member from our political forum and chat roomwebsite if we feel it insures the best interest of our web political forum.


3. Political Chat Room Postings. LiberalForum.org makes political chat room discussion forums available to its users. Any information that is written in these areas becomes public.


4. Code of Conduct.


A. Adhere to Political Chat Room Designations. There's a "No Holds Barred" category and a Liberals-Only area. Accept it, or don't participate. Don't complain about the structure of the site! No Holds Barred means just that, you can post there if you're right winger or you're communist. However, the "Liberals-Only Chat Room" area is an entirely different type of chat.


B. Be Civil. Personal attack are not appropriate. For example, don't say "you're dumb." Instead, say, "that's a dumb position."



(3) Adult Material. Adult material is strictly prohibited.


(4) Spam. You may not post messages that promote commercial products or services, or any form of self-promotion.


C. Be Sincere. The purpose of this political forum is to foster genuine debate and constructive dialogue between people of varying ideologies.


5. Deletion of Posts. LiberalForum.org reserves the right to delete any chat room forum posting that it considers inappropriate.


6. Applicable Law. This Agreement is to be governed by the laws of the State of Florida and the USA.


Important Notice - If you have a problem registering please use an email account from google, aol, yahoo, msn's or other common USA email services. Many foreign email services have been filtered to prevent spam.

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