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Found 2 results

  1. We hear Republicans shriek about the Constitution and how in the case of health care that it is not a Constitutional right. Neither are highways then. Pay for your own. Everyone individually. Make sense? The Constitution does not forbid that we provide highways, health care, or deposit insurance, which Republicans also shrieked was "SOCIALISM!" So let's get on with it and pay for health care with taxes. It's the least these corporations and wealthy individuals can do for the country that makes them wealthy. Republicans are going to lie and say you won't be able to get in to see your doctor. But these claims have no merit and have never been proven. When you point that out they will shriek "SOCIALISM!" Remind them about their original position on deposit insurance.
  2. Why do Socialist Liberals like Bernie Sanders push Globalist Healthcare upon Americans, when that isn't what we want as a whole country? Sure some do, but most don't. It's because the Democrats do whatever they want, and get away with it! Why does the middle Class in this country suffer so much, and is hard to keep up bills wise? Well when an extra portion of your paycheck goes towards paying for healthcare for other people, that's part of your answer right there. When Obama was president, and the house and senate was controlled by the Democratic Party, people on welfare, and food stamps went up dramatically, and jobs were hard to find. The Democrats will keep forcing things upon Americans, weather we like it or not.
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