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Found 15 results

  1. I shit you not! His malignant narcissism is running wild! The response:
  2. Trump can't stand Fact Checkers, nor the GOP! It exposes them as LIARS! OMG!
  3. A quote from the article: "“The fascist speech Donald Trump just delivered verged on a declaration of war against American citizens,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) tweeted. Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) — noting in an opinion column three days later that the president’s “attempt to use chaos to shred democratic safeguards and consolidate authoritarian power is deadly serious” — put it this way: “This is our own Reichstag fire and, yes, Trump is playing the role of would-be Fuehrer,… See More The Dumpster Fire is raging out of control!
  4. Trump wants a RACIAL WAR! That way he will be able to declare extraordinary presidential powers, and Martial Law and become SUPREME DICTATOR like Hitler did! I am not joking! He is a huge admirer of Hitler and other dictators like Kim Dipshit, Bolsonaro and Duterte! There is a MADMAN in the White House! This is like MANSON'S HELTER SKELTER! And he would cancel the elections if his polls looked bad! And will not leave gracefully if defeated! That is the mark of a FASCIST Dictator! HITLER WILL KILL TO BRING BACK LAW &am
  5. Politico has what I think is a good article on the overly optimistic coronavirus pandemic model proposed by the IHME and the Trump Administrations latching onto this model. While not part of this article, Trump was once again asked by a reporter if he felt responsible for the 50,000 coronavirus deaths so far, and, basically, Trump wants a medal for keeping the number of deaths under 100,000. Therefore, I think it is important to go into the underlying assumptions of the IHME model and the rather obvious reason why Trump is bear hugging it to his chest — less than 100,000 American dead from c
  6. Confirmation: This Man is not Normal Before you take a teaspoon of bleach or ask your doctor for a 5cc shot of Lysol, take a moment. I understand for his supporters that waiting on your signed check from Donald J. Trump, makes you feel as special as Stormy Daniels; however, staring into the sun, or spending hours under a UV lamp will not cure you of the coronavirus. Well, now that I have stepped on the toes of every comic from Stephen Colbert to Tiffany Haddish, I apologize. This is the result of the incessant need of the media to broadcast absurdity for ratings to a sane nation. Lost on
  7. Those of us that seek facts and don't waste time watching fake news know that the South Koreans controlled the Chinese coronavirus by tracking their citizens. By tapping into the residents' past, and present lives with smart phone GPS tracing, you are always a blip on the government's radar. I'm sure Libtards would embrace this socialist control, but will refuse to accept the fact of stripping of freedom and herding of the sick as the reason for success in S.K. It's much easier to ignore facts and blame our Commander in Chief as being "too stupid" to do this as he defends our freedom while fig
  8. Islam is NOT responsible for the attacks today. Counter arguments welcome.
  9. I just started up a YouTube channel based around politics and society from a progressive point of view. My first video is actually a video where I talk about Trump. You guys can check it out here https://youtu.be/slIaK3Ug6_I
  10. Plain and simple and I just want to hear if people think this is a possible way to take our power back and start making Washington work for us and Wall Street lose at least a little and slowly maybe even more and more. Instead of being the 99% camping out on Wall Street being labeled as losers, lazy and many other negative things we somehow turn our attention to the media starting with local news stations in as many towns as we can. Start picketing them to follow up on stories they initially start about corruption in government locally including branches where funds were misused by those in c
  11. What does it say about the Republicans that Donald Trump is leading the most recent polls among the GOP field of presidential candidates according the most recent FOX News poll . Well, as far as I'm concerned it confirms the idea that the Republican Party is as batsh*t crazy as it's ever been. Donald Trump? This guy that spewed some of the most insulting comments about illegal Mexican immigrants ever heard and then proclaimed he would win the Latino vote. Who says he'll construct an impenetrable wall along the Mexican border and will make Mexico pay for it. Who proclaims to be the smartest bus
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