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Found 12 results

  1. Since early 2018, NATO commanders launched a program for media and diplomatic support of actions destined for strengthening joint defense potential of Europe. Among other things it arranges the schedule of meetings of NATO officials: 'in the first quarter of 2018 make provision in the working schedule of Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy Tacan Ildem for 30 meetings with representatives of political parties and public organizations of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.' During these meetings 'new threats from Russia in 2018' will be discussed, as well as such issues like 'coordination of work of civil structures of the EU countries with NATO military structures' and 'variants of legislative developments to assign the leading role in maintenance of security of European member states of the Alliance to NATO'. For purposes of improving NATO's reputation in the EU, Katie Wheelbarger who is responsible for matters of international security in the U.S. Defense Department will 'deliver lectures and hold seminars in 28 universities of Central and Eastern Europe on absence of gender inequality in NATO commands and subdivisions. Also, she will talk about weighty contribution of women in strengthening international security over the last 20 years'. Within the new initiative leadership of the Alliance will intensify cooperation with European media, which implies 'making drafts of special-purpose publications for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Le Figaro, tv3.lt, Dziennik Polski, Parlamentni Listy, Sabah...' The subject of the materials will be 'growing military threat from Russia', 'lack of military resources of the EU to counter the aggressor on Eastern borders'. The news writers will have to refer to conclusions provided by Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), American think tank Rand Corporation, and International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). The main objectives of the work with the media and civil structures in the Baltic direction are 'dispelling myths and occlusion of messages referring damage that countries of Eastern Europe and Baltic states may suffer in case of confrontation between NATO and Russia'. Sources close to the Pentagon believe that the new NATO's approach to co-operation with Europe promotes faster growth of financing of the defense sphere by the EU countries. On March 29, 2018, 'first sum up of the program is planned'. After that, new goals and additional focus areas will be outlined.
  2. JUST IN: Watch as a Fox News host just turned on the network and debunked the phony "Uranium One" conspiracy in less than 30 seconds, resulting in viewers of the network losing it on social media, with many going on hate-filled rants in the process. http://us.blastingnews.com/news/2017/11/fox-news-host-debunks-uranium-one-conspiracy-viewers-melt-down-on-twitter-002168351.html
  3. https://themoscowtimes.com/news/putin-speaks-at-valdai-club-in-sochi-55912 I think we know the answer to that... ROFL...brutal and savage. Pulled no punches!
  4. I am trying hard to figure this out. All you dems do is bash Trump and say shit like "Trump never offers any details of his plan" So give me some details on this. What exactly did the Russians do that influenced the election results? If nothing was done to influence the election results why the fuck should we care. If that isn't what you are mad about then explain what you ARE mad about but offer actual verifiable details please.
  5. Walk me through this. It won't happen but I need to understand the logic here. Right now the narrative is spinning by the libs that Trump is an idiot,disorganized, and infective. Through some hail mary it's actually discovered that Trump committed treason with the Russians [i laugh out loud every time I say that] is impeached and removed. Then Pence is in charge. A man with massive governing experience who would likely be more effective at getting a right wing agenda passed than Trump. If he gets brought down in the same web....Speaker Ryan gets it who controls the republican congress and certainly get his agenda though. So....it seems to me more reasonable for your side to let Trump stay right where he is yes?
  6. Donna Brazile http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/03/17/donna-brazile-admits-she-passed-debate-questions-to-hillary-blames-russians/ She actually fed the questions to Clinton cheating during a national debate. Media and DNC collusion. PROVEN. Where is the investigation into this? That by itself is 10 times the proof of a government overthrow using collusion than anything DEMS have thus far pointed to Trump with. Trump says....the media is out to get him. Libs laugh. Yet there is proof the media is out to get him.
  7. A president suggesting to the FBI director that he not investigate Flynn is obstruction of justice. Which means the dumbshit can now be completely innocent of any wrongdoing with russia, Flynn could be innocent, yet the dumbshit is still guilty of obstruction of justice. How? I don't think a suggestion is obstruction of justice....more than that I am not sure with what was said [which still remains unverified] was even a suggestion. Saying "I hope you can let this go"??? I don't know what world you people think that is obstruction. This is crazy. If you actually don't think that trying to sway an investigation one way or another is not obstruction then I can't help you, you are an imbecile. It's not obstruction. Here are all of the legal criteria for Obstruction of justice. Tell me which one this into. https://www.ohiobar....canuse-132.aspx As far as evidence, numerous meetings by Flynn and Page and Manafort with the russians is enough evidence to investigate. To investigate collusion with the Russian government to overthrow the election? No, meeting with Russians is not a crime and is not evidence that would be used to spawn an investigation into election overthrow. That is ridiculous on it's face. You had absolutely no evidence whatsoever against Hillary. Were you against that investigation? Tons of evidence for that investigation. In fact it is what spawned this investigation in the first place. It was retaliation for the email investigation. Here is proof to that. Gawker reports that based on emails retrieved by a Romanian hacker called "Guccifer," Clinton used the "clintonemail.com" domain name in emails to advisers and friends. Because her original address is revealed in the article, Clinton changes her email address. Here is the source http://www.cnn.com/2...email-timeline/ Now guccifer was also the guy who hacked Podesta...remember? http://www.bbc.com/n...ending-38610402 One guy hacked the DNC server. We know exactly who did it. It had nothing to DO WITH THE RUSSIANS. No other outside hacking has been reported. So what does Clinton say? https://www.nytimes....tion-trump.html She says the Russians did it and it stole the election from her. When in fact we already know who the culprit is and know he has a vendetta of some sort against Clinton. As he spawned the email hack of classified emails leading to an investigation AND he hacked the DNC during the election. That's why you dumb motherfuckers can't find proof of Russian collusion. IT'S BECAUSE WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED and there is the proof you stupid fuck. THERE IS AN ACTUAL ACCOUNT BACKED BY EVIDENCE. Now you libs try it.
  8. To my understanding, the timeline here is that Podesta got his emails hacked and the contents released. A well known hacker named Guccifer 2.0 claimed responsibility and explained the process he used. He next hacked the Clinton foundation. Now, how does any of this lead to Russian hacking. I not only can't figure out where there has been a shred of proof the Russians actually hacked the DNC but I certainly see none that Trump helped them do it. Now, Trump bombs a Russian ally. Can any of you libs make this make sense? I don't want to hear anything about "Connections" between Trumps admin and Russia. None of that shit means anything. I want proof that the DNC was hacked by Russians when Guccifer 2.0 claims he is not a Russian agent and the feds have released no proof to the contrary. Further I want proof Trump colluded to help the process. Come on. Help me out here.
  9. that Trump personally communicated with a Russian agent and asked that agent to release damaging content about Clinton....Content that is true,and was actually said. I still can't figure out exactly how that would be treason. In fact, I can't even figure out how that is a crime.
  10. We have been withdrawing our fighting men and women from the Middle East as promised by our President. I applaud that. As it turns out, the infusion of precious lives lost and countless billions in revenue tossed away by our war machine in the Middle East has all been for not, and merely another Vietnam...revisited. IMO President Obama should stay the course as we sit today, remaining completely uninvolved in the present situation on the Ukrainian peninsula. Our military personnel have been ravaged mentally and physically by being in a continuous state of combat. We must re-group, heal, and think strong and hard about the rationale behind sending the next human being to their death. That being said, I do not approve of downsizing and military budget cuts unless they can be labeled as either fraud, waste or abuse. Bolstering our military machine, increasing training and rewarding our military personnel with apt enhanced pay and benefits at home will actually save us lives and funds, plus keep our military might as the finest in the world -vs- fighting wars which diminish us and cannot be legitimized.
  11. Because of a soveriegn nation's good intent to protect its children from undue sexual influence in public, the gay is in an uproar. What is it with gays always boiling it down and becoming particularly zealous or enraged when they cannot influence children to see what the do in their bedrooms advertised on the streets? A volatile and unreflective cult vs the inflexible laws of a iron fist of a superpower the US is just now getting back on tenuous relations with; and all in a time when the US foreign relations are unravelling in key areas. While we need every cordial relation we can muster. What could go wrong?
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