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Found 3 results

  1. Islam is NOT responsible for the attacks today. Counter arguments welcome.
  2. Greetings to all! I must admit here I used to be a Glenn Beck believer. But that came crashing to and end a few weeks ago as I found out truth. So yes, you should take me with skepticism, but it is very true. Glenn Beck made me liberal. You see, Glenn Beck is doing the money cash machine type of business now. Money flows in in many ways, lots of it filter through his charities, and much to himself. But the charity seems to be a tax mitigation mechanism. More so, he seems to practice his very own brand of crony capitalism. Let me explain. Glenn was on air talking about how everyone can afford to donate to his charity to aid persecuted Christians. He used his teary eyed monolog to tell of a vet who sent him his life savings of $37.32. And he noted that if this vet can send his life savings, everyone can afford to match it. In the performance (and it was very much a performance), he explained that he would step up and march the Christians across the border in to the US if he had to. I sent a note to his charity which disavowed anything of the sort, it goes like this: From what I understand, Mexico is one of the countries allowing some of these refugees to enter their country.However, Mercury One is not planning to take any refugees to Mexico at this time. Now, let's say we eventually do get some refugees to Mexico. Once they were there, the plan would be the same for Mexico as it is for Hungary, Poland or Germany. To find them host families or organizations and assist them to start their new lives and assimilate into their new host countries. Even though Glenn may be 'willing' to go to Mexico and march some families into the U.S. as a statement against American policy regarding Christian refugees, Mercury One is NOT condoning nor sanctioning any such action in any manner. Please remember, although Glenn is the founder and donor to Mercury One, he does NOT run nor does he dictate Mercury One's actions. No open-endedness, no gray area and no wiggle room. Mercury One and the Nazarene Fund are not planning to or advocating for the violation of any countries laws. What? How could this be? Now I should note that this email was not noted as confidential or proprietary. The thing is I don’t like the concept of anyone taking a vets life savings, then using it to raise more money. But he did. So I looked into his charity. It seems that his charity is how he funds the various events and rally’s he does. Sure some good works are done with it, but then again so was a $100,000 donation to the Mormon Millennial Choir. Along with that, I found some interesting tidbits. Glenn Beck's wife is on the Board. So is the David Barton. Now David Barton has his own nonprofit called Wall Builders. So, the charity made a $100,000 donation to Wall Builders, signed off by David Barton on their IRS 990 forms. Huh? Along the line the charity has also amassed about a million dollars’ worth of historical artifacts and collectables. You know, the ones he brings out on his show. Somehow I feel they should be in museums and not his safe. An interesting note is that I had been to his rallies, bought his books, watched his shows and helped his support. And in this one, insane effort he turned me off. Instantly. So I think I am now on his crap list as I made some waves. More important, he is on mine and we can work to stop his right wing division and shut down his money machines, if we try. He basically thrives on the conflict as his blind followers make him wealthy. It’s time to stop. And it’s time for Glenn Beck to move on.... Please help by going to https://www.change.org/p/we-the-people-take-glenn-beck-and-the-blaze-off-of-dish-network And oh, don’t believe me about his charitable donations? Go look for yourself, they are located at Enjoy the reading. I am so tired of being lied to and manipulated only to find it was for financial gain, I am out. And happy to be so. If you want to help us stop the madness of the divisive Beck Money Machine, join me here. http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/453/453929881/453929881_201312_990.pdf Thanks for listening. Sorry it took so long to get here.
  3. In my life, I try not to let any people be my enemies, and I like to atleast act like I'm not against anyone's beliefs. But I'm queer, and my insulin comes from government aid programs. Without my insulin I would suffer and die, and it costs over 1000 dollars a month at the doses I take. I don't have that money, and through no fault of my own I don't have an income. I'm disabled, and my doctor says my condition should be stable for a year before I think about getting a job. It's been 6 months with few symptoms, so things are looking good. When I hear conservatives say we should ban me from getting married, allow me to be fired for my sexuality, get rid of government aid programs, let me die, and let anyone in the same situation as me die, it is a bit hard not to take it as an insult. It gets hard to respect their beliefs. In fact when I look at most right wing idealogy, it all seems contrary to my religon. I've never understood why people think the party that hates the poor is in line with Christianity. I could never date someone on the political right either, their beliefs seem to reflect part of a personality that I don't find attractive at all. Do you have any trouble respecting their views, or does it come easier to you? Or do you feel like we shouldn't respect their views at all? Interested in hearing what others feel about this.
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