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Found 5 results

  1. This is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and I volunteered to be your chair person. While all are welcome, I would encourage you to keep your comments on the topic on alcoholism or recovery from alcoholism. I will now read the A.A. preamble: My name is Str8tEdge and I'm an alcoholic. The meeting is an open topic so would anyone like to pick a topic for discussion?
  2. Here's a shortlist of WHY we can never take liberals and progressives seriously. All of these items were issues that liberals and progressives were vehemently opposed to....... until their D got elected. We're talking YEARS of endless debate on how WRONG these issues are......Then they mysteriously joined their messiah in lock step to support virtually EVERYTHING they VEHEMENTLY stood against only a short time before: Following Bush's withdrawal plan in Iraq ESCALATING Afghanistan Bombing Libya(After Bush) Covert arms deals to our enemies(Substitute Reagan for Bush) Supporting multiple regime changes Making Patriot Act permanent TSA DHS EXPANDING NSA surveillance Assassination of American citizens outside of warzones and without due process( this actually happened AFTER Obama took office as even Bush wouldn't stoop to assassinating his own citizens on purpose) GITMO Torture Feel free to add more issues as to WHY you should never take liberals seriously or believe ANYTHING they post. Edit: Added TSA and DHS Edit: Added debt/deficit Edit: Wall Street/big bank/financials success Edit: added picture for word/language impaired
  3. It's a simple question that illustrates the difference between conservatives and modern day progressives. So what's the difference between the government doing it through force and me simply going to a bank, holding it up and removing someone's savings account who has much more money than I have? Don't I "need" it more than they do?????? But when I attempt it I get arrested and charged with armed robbery. Is there such a thing as moral majority???? Can a majority of voters actually "vote" themselves other people's money and it NOT be considered stealing? If 51% of Americans believed that rape was OK should we decriminalize it? So what are your justifications for stealing other people's earnings? When is it OK and when is it not OK?
  4. So now that we found out not only did Obama KEEP all of Bush's civil liberties abusing programs in place, he actually EXPANDED THEM...... how do you think his final poll numbers end up assuming he doesn't resign out of shame before his 2nd term is up? He basically RAN on not being Bush and so far????? 1. Followed Bush's withdrawal plan in Iraq 2. Escalated Afghanistan 3. Bombed Libya 4. Extended Patriot Act and made permanent 5. Never closed Gitmo 6. Expanded wiretapping and electronic eaves dropping 7. Assassinated American citizens WITHOUT due process OUTSIDE of a designated warzone 8. Throw a baseball like my 10 year old daughter There's probably TONS more so add. I'm only on my first cup of coffee..... :lol: Finally a question for anyone who STILL supports Obama...... Were you one of the 23% that still supported Bush at the end of his presidency??? This is of course without all the other scandals swirling around his head.....
  5. So.... we still hear about how good OWS could have been for society but one thing I've NEVER gotten a logical/rational response on is WHAT would you replace the FED with? You going to let congress oversee the banks????? That's why(part of the reason) the FED was created in the first place...... To keep political influence out of banking and monetary policy. So let's see if we can get ONE logical/rational replacement for FED.
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