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Found 3 results

  1. To my fellow pheasants of the board: Today we've witnessed an atrocious abuse of senior moderator powers with the blessing our beloved administrator chuck. Not unlike the Obama administration, who abuses their power on a daily basis while desperately conniving, conspiring, and hiding their evidence of their ill will all while attempting to silence all foes, our board administration appears to be using the same tactics. A fellow pheasant of the board merely reposted a picture of Isabel's child in a headless horseman costume we'll assume was taken a few years back for Halloween. She added to the post and I'll paraphrase since out boards administration REFUSES to unhide the post in question: Again, this is paraphrasing as the administration REFUSES to release the evidence in question. As we can CLEARLY see, TGC was insulting Isabel and insinuating she was so f-ed up her child had to hide in shame. The post IN NO WAY, attacked her child in any way shape or form but THAT didn't stop: A. The senior mods from hiding the post B. Isabel flat out LYING and claiming TGC posted her child was f-ed up instead of Isabel C. TGC is suspended and possibly banned. I'm calling on each and every citizen of this great board, to join me now and DEMAND this administration come CLEAN!!!! We DEMAND the post be unhidden. REPOST THE POST! REPOST THE POST! REPOST THE POST! Join me as only we together have the power to shed light on this blatant abuse of power from the administration. If we don't put an end to it? Who's next? Big ZERO for a second time? Karl? Littlehawk? YOU?!???! Join me and DEMAND administration REPOST THE POST!!!! Thank you in advance for your support. Sincerely, Str8tEdge, former moderator of NHB
  2. Shocked to see so many Trump Supporters at such a bastion of the progressive movement! https://mystudentvoices.com/the-hidden-trump-supporters-at-americas-most-liberal-college-f0b6892a6fe7
  3. Hello, I apologize in advance for the voluminous context leading up to my question, but I believe it necessary to provide a clear perspective on my inquiry. My profession of identity is primarily Christian, which I believe is in accordance in Scripture, and which I believe will afford my greatest positive impact in the world. However, in this world of identity politics (which I despise), many would identify me as a conservative (but not Republican), white, straight, cis-gendered male, all of which I am. Given the manner by which many others choose to identify me, it's my concern that, though I generally seek common ground with people on the left on issues, any objections I may have on particulars are shouted down as whitesplaining, mansplaining, etc. by the Progressive SJW crowd. Because SJWs evaluate me based on my perceived identity, my opinions are automatically invalidated. Depending on the topic of debate, I may even be labeled a racist, fascist, homophobe, or Islamophobe, to name a few. I don't believe I'm disrespectful in discussions, but often the reaction to disagreement is instantly disrespectful, hateful, and devolves to ad hominem attacks against me. Of specific concern is the conversation surrounding race and equality right now. I truly don't believe I am a racist, nor do I wish to be. I do my best to treat others as individuals and equals, and reject the collectivist thinking that perpetuates negative stereotypes of all different kinds of people. However, Progressives, and SJWs in particular, use the word "privilege" an awful lot, as if to excuse lumping me in with actual racists, fascists, homophobes, etc., ad nauseam. If you're looking for someone to label as "privileged," you can see from my prior statements that I check all the boxes. If I'm debating with a woman, then it's "male privilege." If I'm debating with a POC, then it's "white privilege." Those who don't hammer me with insults instead try to force-feed me the horsepill of "privilege" as if this will somehow validate their position. At this point, I believe the word "privilege" has become a racist, sexist, heterophobic epithet casting a large number of people as the enemy. It's my opinion that its use bars the way to unity, and from what research I've been able to do online (thus taken with a grain of salt), this approach to confronting racism is actually driving those thus labeled to actual racism, fascism, etc. Also, I have issue with the current Progressive definition of "racism" as "prejudice plus power," as if this sleight of hand in defining the word thusly somehow justifies prejudicial, hateful, and abusive language leveled against white people while shielding themselves against recrimination for their own obvious racism. In fact, many people have been fired, doxxed, harassed, silenced, bullied (some to the point of suicide), docked grades, and defamed for simply presenting a viewpoint not in line with certain of the Progressive sect. In this sense, then, this group is wielding power in tandem with their prejudice, and often against white people who disagree with them, thus qualifying them as "racist." Finally, we have arrived at my questions, and I thank you for your attention if you have stuck with me thus far. My questions are as follows: Why are Progressives so keen to have people who look like myself accept the concept of "privilege?" What if one refuses to accept the concepts and identity that accompany the term "privilege?" I eagerly await your responses. Thanks again!
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