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Found 6 results

  1. Looks like Il Douche knows he will need to flee. Where to you think he'll run to in order to avoid prison? Bill
  2. Hey everybody! I have to do an AP Government poll, and my question is as follows: Do you support affirmative action, or not? In your response, please say yes or no, as well as your political identification (i.e. democrat, republican, independent) and gender (M/F/NB). Thank you so much for your assistance! -Hannah
  3. I feel the forum has gone bat shit crazy lately, after promoting five, dontlooknow, and ES to moderator status. Dontlooknow has gone off the deep end spamming threads, breaking the 5 thread rule and it seems that no one is watching the Hen house lately.. Yes More libs showed up, but are these libs real or just more soks? Have you noticed that alot of conservatives seemed to leave the place ? We all notice that the lib threads post more and more lies and never post thruths. If these idiots are allowed to run off the few remaining Conservatives, the forum will suffer because eventually the libs will tire of promoting each others lies... This seems like a horrendous error on someones part..... Actually five by five is doing what hes supposed to do ! which is nothing the rest are doing nothing but bad.
  4. If Hillary Clinton wins, how much influence do you think Bill Clinton will have? If Hillary gets into office, do you think Bill will have a strong influence guiding Hillary? Do you think Bill will want to interfere with her presidency, or could Hillary completely ingore his advice? What do you think Bill's role will be in her administration; secretary of state? Vice president (obviously this is a bit of a fantasy.)? When Bill Clinton was president, his advisors nicknamed Hillary as the "Supreme Court" because he would consult her on every decision he made. Do you think he will have similar influence in a Hillary administration? Obviously, we can not be completely sure as we've never seen this situation before. Vote on this poll here: https://twitter.com/FennerStevens/status/670751548394352640
  5. Just a poll to check what kind of people I am going to interfere with here.
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