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Found 8 results

  1. The title basically says it all. Why don't republican/conservative believe in socialism and government assistance. Why not take from the rich and give to the poor? I don't understand why the rich need all this money. Comments from both sides would be great. -Thanks About me: Female liberal In my 20's Social worker
  2. Our government spends enormous money on different healthcare programs (besides trying to make ACA work, of course). They’ve spent $113 billion on mental health programs. I was really surprised about such large digits until I found out that one in five Americans has diagnosable mental illness. What is wrong with our society? Why does it gives birth to that amount of freaks?
  3. People need wars to cover their holes in economy. As we know from the World history, that war is the best way to earn big amount of money. Unfortunately that fact is never connected with the citizens of belligerent country. The only thing they receive is poverty and unstable economy. We all hoped that Ukraine won’t have such problems after their revolution with the support of the EU and the USA. But in fact European advisers have already noticed the raise of prices for goods and services. Moreover they’re expecting 12% inflation in few months, which might become some kind of deadly level for the Ukrainians. I’m afraid the war is not going to stop as soon as we all hoped.
  4. Why do we still entrust our country to this terrorist? It became quite obvious that 0bama is paid by those terrorist groups, which would like to proclaim autocracy in the Middle East. That’s why they use our military forces as a gun fodder in the region.Why do we still entrust our country to this terrorist? It became quite obvious that 0bama is paid by those terrorist groups, which would like to proclaim autocracy in the Middle East. That’s why they use our military forces as a gun fodder in the region.
  5. How can this country be called the most powerful if we can’t even start solving our internal problems? Did you know that if the Chinese govt asked their people to pay their national debt for them, it would cost less than a cent for a person. If our government did the same, we would have to pay 1.5 average yearly income for 1 citizen.
  6. I believe that most of us know in what situation our economy is. Sad. Some indicators are quite gloomy. In 2013, the budget deficit was $ 680 billion. In the current year projected deficit should not be more than $ 500 billion. In 2015, the U.S. government plans to reduce it to $ 450 billion. It would seem that the situation will stabilize, but actually no, these figures is still critical to the U.S. budget. Yes the short term it may be good, but the government should think 10-15 years ahead. Meanwhile, the U.S. foreign debt is growing by the hour. And this is the most nasty indicator of our economic situation. On the overall U.S. debt the planet 20% less than our own could exist. Total debt at the U.S. citizen = $ 193.199. Total debt at the American family 1 = $ 757.368. Horribly. The network has an anonymous, which makes a simple understanding of the situation with external debt. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrAzTVngV3w
  7. Congressional members should sign public service pledge that prevents them from owning,selling,or accepting IPOs during their term in office. Paul Ryan has already refused to sign because as he said "making money is why I got into politics"
  8. The old loophole that the healthcare industry has enjoyed for so long will be eliminated when the new healthcare law goes into effect. The good old days they have enjoyed will disappear when they will no longer be able to use the excuse that they treated the un insured or under insured and were unable to collect the money owed to them. They have been charging those people at 2, 3, or 4 times the amount that they have been charging people with insurance with the knowledge that they most likely will be unable to collect the money and can use it to write off as a loss against their income. This will no longer be the case if everyone is insured. This is why they are fighting the new healthcare law so hard. They all know they will be required to pay their full tax bill, unless they can find another cash cow to hide their true profits. The government will see a huge increase in tax receipts from the healthcare industry. Premiums will go down, because their profits can no longer be hidden as a result of writing off the losses they currently enjoy as a result of the poor being unable to pay the double and triple costs associated with their medical procedures. There is no telling how much money they have been ripping off as a result of this loophole that is closing fast on them. This is why they are fighting the new healthcare law so hard.
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