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Found 8 results

  1. I have a question that I would like to ask current Trump supporters: Do you find President Trump's constant attack on "fake news" to be concerning? In essence, I am asking if seeing him denounce questions from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, etc. as "fake news" raises any red flags in your mind. To be clear, I am not implying that Donald Trump is setting up a second holocaust or any other wild conspiracy theory. I don't support Trump, but I'm willing to give him credit. I'm happy that he killed TPP. Although I would never support him based on fundamental political differences, I was excited that there was finally a serious candidate that spoke like an actual human being instead of another pandering politician. Even his fulfillment of campaign promises I can endorse (though I can't endorse most of the policy itself). Hell, I was even happy that he was a person in a position of power who spoke out about the poor journalistic practices of the mainstream media when he first picked up the whole "fake news" angle. On that last point, I fear my optimism blinded my foresight. To be sure, the MSM is (with some exceptions) biased at best, and corrupt at worst - I am not justifying this. I feel that the president's usage of "fake news" has begun to take an authoritarian turn, while a lot of people are too caught up in the hype of "Trump BTFO'd the MSM cucks" to notice/care. Calling a lack of ethics in journalism "fake news" gives people a license to patently disregard a source instead of simply looking at the facts. It is seemingly an attempt to poison the well - instead of looking into the facts of things, many will discard reports because of the source, without ever reading more than a headline. Dismissing questions or journalists because they apparently represent fake news sets a dangerous precedent, one we are already seeing the effects of. To this point, I have another question: Why are only left-leaning new outlets (New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) being lashed out at by Trump? Surely even the most devoted Trump supporter can admit that any of the sites listed above are more credible than Breitbart, Alex Jones, or Rush Limbaugh; all outlets or personalities that Trump has either endorsed, or spoken positively about. The point I'm getting at is that for people who claim to care about the truth, some of you are exhibiting blatant cognitive dissonance here. To my eye, Trump has started working to position himself and news outlets who will bend their knee to him as the only places that people can hear the "truth" of it all (see "The FAKE NEWS media... is the enemy of the American people..." tweet). Again, to avoid any straw man arguments, I am not speculating on WHY he would do this, given my assessment is correct. One final question: What would your stance be if, in an alternate timeline where Hillary Clinton was elected, she was employing the same tactics we see Trump employing? I'm interested in hearing your responses.
  2. The Clinton/Trump debate was unfair. Hillary was only interrupted 7-9 times. Trump was interrupted over 40 times. Because the bias media isn't willing to be fair, they should be replaced immediately!!
  3. Every time I turn on some political news I keep hearing about how well Bernie Sanders is doing in his bid to become the Democratic nominee for president. I'll admit his numbers have marginally improved over the last month. But he still lags behind Clinton by a mile. Of course the media would prefer a closer race, but reporting it as if there is any kind of real challenge is just plain deceptive. Don't get me wrong, I like Bernie. But the bottom line is that if by some kind of bizarre set of circumstances, Sanders did' become the Democratic nominee, it was most likely insure we would get a Republican president in 2016. Sanders is just to far to the Left to get elected. It must be admitted that a big reason Obama defeated McCain and Romney was because they were too far to the Right. Until the GOP comes to it's senses and moves back towards the center, they have very little chance of ever regaining the White House.
  4. For those of us frustrated and irked by Charles Krauthammer (which, let's face it, is basically all of us,) this is a comprehensive and delicious takedown of this Conservative sacred cow. http://sheppardpost.com/charles-krauthammer-a-history/
  5. http://videogamevoters.org/ Video games have often been targeted by overzealous censors. I think we must protect free speech! If they ruin video games what is to stop them from censoring other forms of entertainment? If we work together the censors will never be able to win. I am thankful for organizations like the Video Game Voters Network and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
  6. The Wrath of Ultimate Power By Brian Thomas Armstrong The “old school” Republican Political Party dirty tactics seem to have been revisited and sadly revised not to mention re-utilized by the “New School” Democratic Party Administration to the same old-sad-ends. Nixon, Nixon, Nixon, those used to be dirty words to old school democrats like myself, but the new dirty term in the counter culture has somehow become reversed in a somewhat ridiculous and ironic twist – We Democratic upholders of truth and eternal justice, have become “The Man.” Trial, what trial. Torture, depends. Protection, how much you willing to pay. Insider perks and arrangements - Have you pre-paid already? All these new “Social Democratic” ideals have been piling up lately much to my old school democratic embarrassment, but they have also been a long time in coming. 2008 might have given liberals the mistaken, (or maybe not) impressions that it was the democratic parties turn to be the “good old boys.” The word dictator has been thrown around all last year and the year before with distasteful posters and middle class young nerds hitting the streets with their offensive card tables and their punch-in-the-nose- stupid looking conservative sweaters. Now I could go on and on about how my party has upheld the standards of American politics but that would be a blatant lie, and there is too much of that going on in both sides of our “Two Party System.” I propose a system where we go back to the blissful days when American government was not as transparent as government aspires to be these days. I long for the good old days when we tortured and assassinated people constantly but no one really cared nor needed to read about the gory details during their morning coffee. I long once again for those by-gone days when you could get all the cheap tail or young page cock you wanted, or at least all you could handle/ fondle at the White House, as long as your wife was out of town or back in the home state, somewhere baking cookies for a girl scout troop and trying not to think about who their husbands are screwing at the moment. Having too much transparency in government is not only inconvenient and embarrassing, but also dangerous. Transparency reminds the sleeping nine to five apathetic American population that there is only one political party in this nation and always has been. The Democratic / Republican Party! Ultimate Power Always Corrupts Ultimately and Absolutely.
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