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Found 11 results

  1. Why do Socialist Liberals like Bernie Sanders push Globalist Healthcare upon Americans, when that isn't what we want as a whole country? Sure some do, but most don't. It's because the Democrats do whatever they want, and get away with it! Why does the middle Class in this country suffer so much, and is hard to keep up bills wise? Well when an extra portion of your paycheck goes towards paying for healthcare for other people, that's part of your answer right there. When Obama was president, and the house and senate was controlled by the Democratic Party, people on welfare, and food stamps went up dramatically, and jobs were hard to find. The Democrats will keep forcing things upon Americans, weather we like it or not.
  2. Here is one of my political theory's; 1. Within thee past 60-100 years, has the United States of America become better or worse Overall Morally and Ethically? 2. Within thee past 60-100 years, has thee United States of America become more Liberal Democratic, or more Conservative Republican? 3. So what has been the problem within America Politics Morally and Ethically, for the past 60-100 years? I've asked at least over 50 people these questions. I've asked Socialists, Democrats, Liberals, Moderates, Libertarians, Republicans, and Conservatives, and 2 out of 50 disagreed with this. Thee other 48 or more answered it like this; 1. Worse Overall Morally, and Ethically. 2. The United States has become a lot more Liberal Democratic with the past 60-100 years. 3. The Liberal Democrats have been the problem in American Politics, Morally and Ethically.
  3. Help me out libs. I can't figure out why there is an argument against being able to use the same dollars that you pay for, to direct your child to the school of your choice. What's the matter with this exactly? It seems wise to me that if schools are paid based on a head count that you can take those dollars that go for your child, and use them to supplement or pay for the school YOU want your child to go to. Help me out with why I am wrong here.
  4. Why the hell are libs bashing Pence for taking his marriage seriously? I am pretty sure even most of the libs on this board agree that the guy saying he won't have dinner with women other than his wife or drink without her company is perfectly acceptable and quite gentlemanly.
  5. Will liberals ever stop whining about every little thing? It's the main difference between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives learn from our mistakes and improve upon them. Liberals blame everyone else for their mistakes. Liberals need to take some responsibility for once!
  6. About a week ago I watched him smugly smile on national TV and break the news that 28% of republicans in Florida were voting for Clinton. 28% were crossing over. This was quickly parroted right here on this Forum by ES and others who also smugly agreed with Lawrence that Republicans were finished, their candidate was terrible, and the party was on it's last leg. The gentlemen of course was not only wrong but a democratic operative. Proven on his own website where he explained he was a Democrat campaign contributor. Smug Lawrence laughed about how fast Trump's concession speech would be and how the people of Florida and the rest of the country would never elect him. How Clinton's path to victory was assured and how huge her advantage was in the electoral college. All smug, all smiles. Last night....the whole show was a constant theme of how we need to do away with the electoral college. While we also need to heed the protesters who say Trump is never their president. I never actually thought it was true....but Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.
  7. So I need a left winger like Isabel who is a staunch abortion advocate to explain something to me. The argument Clinton made [and many liberals have] during the debate for partial birth abortion was that it is sometimes necessary due to complications to the mothers health. I can wrap my head around that. I can even see the necessity of it in some cases. Here is what I don't understand. During partial birth abortion why do they have to kill the baby? I mean, ya...they have to induce labor to save moms life...I get it. Why do they have to kill the baby on the way out though? Can somebody explain why that part is necessary?
  8. I'm looking for liberals with whom to converse. There are things I just don't understand and would like to discuss it.
  9. Whatever happened to the anti-war, pro-liberty, anti-prohibition (drugs), freedom minded, pro-privacy liberals from the 1960's? The current neo-liberals seem to be something different altogether.
  10. After listening to both sides of any debate within the last year, one constant theme always comes to mind. The right wants people to work for themselves; earn what they want; and be charitable to others. The left wants people to believe they are different from each other; continues to fortify the wall between cultures in order to build an environment of discontent; and demands all get help from government...weather they want it or not. Any interaction devolves into the right proving their points and the left declaring any who disagree with their points as a racist or sexist. When it is they, the liberals who are the true racists. They are the blind sexists. Their only plan they have left, for they've abandoned reason long ago, is to shout over anybody who proves them wrong. The Right uses logic and reason and compassion throughout their lives. The Left uses, fear, derision and hatred to move their agenda. And if all that fails...they just shout like a spoiled child.
  11. Here's a shortlist of WHY we can never take liberals and progressives seriously. All of these items were issues that liberals and progressives were vehemently opposed to....... until their D got elected. We're talking YEARS of endless debate on how WRONG these issues are......Then they mysteriously joined their messiah in lock step to support virtually EVERYTHING they VEHEMENTLY stood against only a short time before: Following Bush's withdrawal plan in Iraq ESCALATING Afghanistan Bombing Libya(After Bush) Covert arms deals to our enemies(Substitute Reagan for Bush) Supporting multiple regime changes Making Patriot Act permanent TSA DHS EXPANDING NSA surveillance Assassination of American citizens outside of warzones and without due process( this actually happened AFTER Obama took office as even Bush wouldn't stoop to assassinating his own citizens on purpose) GITMO Torture Feel free to add more issues as to WHY you should never take liberals seriously or believe ANYTHING they post. Edit: Added TSA and DHS Edit: Added debt/deficit Edit: Wall Street/big bank/financials success Edit: added picture for word/language impaired
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