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Found 2 results

  1. What is the world coming to???? The book REASONS TO BE FEMINIST has just been censored by a fifth-column of anti-feminists inside of Amazon.com. A formal grievance process is underway. Share your displeasure with Jeff Bezos: amazon-ir@amazon.com REASONS TO BE FEMINIST is a scorching indictment of racism and sexism in American society. It is rallying cry for the modern feminist that is two parts prophecy and three parts genius, destined to be on the minds and lips of every genuine feminist in America. Published just thirteen days ago, REASONS TO BE FEMINIST has already received several five star reviews. https://www.amazon.ca/Reasons-Be-Feminist-Comprehensive-Guide/dp/1544651856/
  2. Hello all, This is my first post! I'm glad I found a place where I can voice my concerns, as I feel very compelled to speak out against conservative Republicans. I was reading some friend's post on Facebook about Ben Carson. I only knew a little bit about this person, so I did some research, and read some things that I absolutely cannot put up with... He spoke out against the LGBTQ community, saying some very hurtful and ignorant things, which is characteristic of most conservatives; however, I was very offended because this is an educated man, with a science background and he is a medical doctor. His specific comment was that gay people "choose to be gay" because so many "men go into prison straight and come out as gay." As a woman who identifies with this community, and also a woman pursuing a doctorate in science, I found this to be incredibly stupid and ill-informed. Where was his empirical data on this "observation" of men choosing to be gay after going to prison? What experiment did he run to prove this very idiotic claim? I don't agree with any of his stances on politics or religion, but this issue really hit home for me, and I am disgusted that this man who achieved so much in his life has the audacity to spew such hate. Thanks for reading. -SR