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  1. Donald Trump’s excellent European adventure https://realityanalysisnotes.wordpress.com/2018/07/30/donald-trumps-excellent-european-adventure/ Excerpt: == For the U.S. working class and left-leaning public, by far the most sinister outcome of Trump’s latest European adventure is the surge in toxic jingoism from warhawks of the Democratic Party and establishment liberalism. This not only feeds chauvinism and militarism within the American public, but it also opens more doors for Trump to advance his own reactionary policies. It’s up to the radical left, militant leftists within the workers movement, and particularly the revolutionary Marxist movement, to expose the dangers of this jingoist hysteria and its liberal perpetrators, and to counterpose from the left the alternative of an internationalist, revolutionary mass workers movement to open a path to the liberation inherent in a socialist future. ==
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