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Found 7 results

  1. It matters more that the cost of healthcare in the US is two to three times what it is in other developed countries than the type of insurance that pays for it. Our healthcare system is like the US highway system before the Interstate highway system. It is inefficient and uncoordinated which makes it two to three times as expensive as the healthcare systems of other developed countries and it is also dangerous. Every year 250,000 to 400,000 patients die from preventable medical errors in hospitals alone. We need to reduce the cost of healthcare so that everybody will be covered for less than we are paying now. We need a bipartisan analysis and design effort over as long as it takes to completely remake the system so that it is as efficient and inexpensive as that of other countries. Our inefficient healthcare system is like we are using picks and shovels while other countries are using bulldozers and backhoes. The partisan arguments that have been going on for years is like arguing over the brand of picks and shovels when an entirely different method of operation is required. Healthcare in the US costs approximately $3 trillion per year. It should cost $1-1.5 trillion per year if it were as efficient as other countries. Our effort to make it more efficient should net us $2-1.5 trillion per year in savings. With those savings, we can generously compensate the entities such as insurance companies that would be hurt by the changes. With the savings, we could pay companies to create new drugs instead of the current patent-driven system so that drugs are affordable for everybody. A Right to Healthcare Constitutional amendment would let the voters decide if healthcare is a privilege or a right and would provide an organizing center for the effort to make healthcare available to everyone at less total cost for everyone. Certain things the free market can provide certain things are system-wide problems that the free market is not in a position to provide. The free market never did provide the US access to outer space although it did provide most of the components that NASA used. We also wouldn't look to the free market to provide a military for the US although it does provide most of the equipment.
  2. So this is a real shot in the dark.. I'm brand new to the forum and trying to find some answers or leads following a conversation I was having with someone a couple of months back. So I'm a documentary photographer who has started researching into my next photographic venture. I was speaking to someone who had recently moved to the US from the UK having spent some time working over here for the NHS. The subject of healthcare in the US came up, as it often does when discussing issues within America, and after a while she briefly touched upon something which I had never heard about before or since. She told me that there has recently been a rise in the number of people offering and looking for under-the-counter healthcare services in order to cut the the usual extortionate costs required to see a doctor/get medical attention etc. I was fascinated by the idea that people should need to go to such (potentially dangerous) lengths to seek affordable healthcare, especially within the richest nation in the world. However having done some scouring through the internet I haven't really managed to find any clues that suggest that such a market actually exists. Since this girl used to work for the NHS, I don't consider her to be the most unreliable source, however since I can't get back in contact with her about it (this was a random encounter through work) I can't go back and ask where she got the information from etc. So now I'm at the point where I'm going through various forums that might host people that could have some knowledge about such a system. And so I humbly ask if anybody out there might have some experience, knowledge or rumour of any backdoor operations run by health practitioners; any news articles or research papers; or indeed any other kind of information, to please make themselves known to me either as part of this thread or in a private message. It may even be the case that you yourself have taken advantage of such a service, in which case I would love to hear your story surrounding the experience. Equally if you have belief that I am completely misinformed, then I would appreciate hearing back from you about that too! Just for those who are curious about my work and legitimacy, please take some time to have a look at my latest photo project shot earlier this year: https://www.lensculture.com/search/projects?q=paedophilia&modal=true&modal_type=project&modal_project_id=105782 and my own website: www.alexandermcbridewilson.com Many thanks for reading and hoping to hear back! Alex
  3. Our government spends enormous money on different healthcare programs (besides trying to make ACA work, of course). They’ve spent $113 billion on mental health programs. I was really surprised about such large digits until I found out that one in five Americans has diagnosable mental illness. What is wrong with our society? Why does it gives birth to that amount of freaks?
  4. Did you know that the Ebola virus is already on the territory of the USA. Some of you might think that it's just the problem of the African continent. But it's not true. Some sorts of Ebola are the airborne infection, so it's very easy to be spread on far distances. Moreover 70% of infected died quite after. And as far as our government stopped all the donations on the search for the vaccine, every one of us can become a victim very soon.
  5. So there are a couple of things I need progressives to explain to me. 1. If the point of the affordable care act is to insure those that don't have insurance why in the shit do I have to participate in it? 2. If I should choose not to participate why is it ok to fine me for choosing not to use a "Service". 3. If I should fail to pay the fine that is levied against me for choosing not to use a service I didn't want in the first place what should my punishment be? Prison? Theft of my money through bank account seizure? Killed? 4. How is forcing somebody to buy a service through threat of violence or theft of funds constitute freedom? 5. Explain to me how forcing poor people to pay a fine if they do not buy insurance is helping them get insurance? 6. Why in the world do progressives want to expand the power of the federal government to fine an individual for not participating in a service they don't want? Surely even you can see that while right now you are getting what you want that is a good thing but down the road it could become problematic for you. Isn't forcing somebody to comply with your will even when you have the majority on your side something you see as immoral?
  6. FOUR STARTLING FACTS ABOUT U.S. HEALTHCARE 1. The World Health Organisation ranks healthcare in the U.S. 37th in the world - worse than Costa Rica or Morocco. http://bit.ly/1hxWJhh 2. The U.S. spends more per capita on healthcare than any nation in the world. http://bit.ly/16uTJ3H 3. Not surprisingly, the efficiency of the U.S. healthcare system is ranked 46th out of 48 nations – worse than Iran. http://bloom.bg/16uTVjr 4. The U.S. stands almost entirely alone among developed nations in not providing universal health care. http://bit.ly/16uUdH2 My conclusion – those who want to leave the U.S healthcare system unchanged, should be ashamed of themselves.
  7. I am sure that most of you think your company is not happy about the insurance law. It is because they will have to provide you with healthcare or pay a fine, People who do not own businesses and have to work for these people are proud to have the healthcare law implemented. The people at the top in management of the healthcare industry are thinking,how are we going to make up the difference or hide the fact that we have been ripping off the system all these years but they just cannot say it. That would expose their true thoughts about what they are going to have to do to make up the difference at tax time. The fact your rates for insurance are going up is an effort to recoup some of the expected losses they are going to incur as a result of not being able to write off all of the unpaid, marked up charges, that they have been able to take advantage of to date. They have been charging people who have no insurance double and triple and charging insured folks prices struck with doctors which are much much lower for the same procedures. They then collect as much as possible, most of the time the true cost for their service from the folks that cannot pay and charge the remaining balance off because they say they cannot collect it from the folks. At the end of the year it appears they have given all these free services to the poor and uninsured, so they effective tax on their profits are very small, if they pay any at all. Just wait a couple of years after they are exposed for the frauds they are and you will see your insurance rates going back down. You will also see many of them go out of business if they have been counting on this source of income and have not figured out how to become legitimate businesses. You cannot tell me that they are not depending on this income.
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