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Found 9 results

  1. kavanaugh is innocent and did nothing wrong. Republican forever.
  2. I think anyone that has morals, and logic can all agree that slavery was wrong. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican who freed the slaves, but back then the Democrats were the ones that didn't want slaves to be freed. I wonder why that was? I wonder what the honorable Martin Luther King Jr. would say today to these far left wing political activists groups that go out and tare down statues, voice hate speech, and support violence. I wonder what he would think of people like Maxine Watters. Keep this in mind...……..Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist, but he only supported it in an honorable and peaceful manner. Which is how it should be gone about! Not the way that the Democrats and Antifa, Black lives matter, Al Sharpton, etc, are currently doing. All they're doing is tearing this country apart and bringing hate from person to person, and that is what their Liberal agenda pushes. I remember watching bits and pieces of Michael Jacksons funeral. Al Sharpton was on stage telling people about how Michael Jackson was a proud African American man! Uuuuum what? lol. He had fantasy land, where he slept with little boys. He bleached his body white purposefully. He kept getting surgical procedure after surgical procedure that made him keep looking less and less black in his face. He had 2 white people make a white baby so he could adopt it. Yes , Al Sharpton, Michael was a proud black man? lol. Al Sharpton and several other radical left wing based liberals made a mockery out of Aretha Franklin's funeral. Instead of honoring her in a respectful manner, all they did was to make it a political spectacle! Shame on you Democrats! Shame! Does anyone remember that black people were selling other black people in the first place? Of course that never gets talked about. White people are the devil, and evil right? White people are to blame for every black persons problem! lol. This is what the Democrats what you to think. Hate Republicans, hate White people! You know for a party that is supposedly all about peace, love, and acceptance, there is sure a lot of hate spewed from their mouths! lol. Who knows!? If white people hadn't bought black people from black people, and enslaved them in America, there is still a chance that there would be a lot more slavery of black people throughout the world! So technically, we did ya'll a favor. I mean you can think about it however you want, but that's what is logical and realistic.
  3. patacake, patacake, Cristian baker dude, bake me a cake or you will be sued! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/07/09/actress-reveals-why-she-stood-up-for-christian-bakers-during-heated-clash-on-the-view-i-wasnt-there-to-debate-gay-marriage/ In all seriousness, I do want to try to understand the liberal view a little better. Do liberals believe strongly in freedom of religion? What does freedom of religion mean to them?
  4. The Constitution does not recommend or prohibit any economic system and this implies that any system may be used in a democracy if it is agreed upon. By not understanding the definition of democracy and replacing this with capitalism leads to a confusion that results in the inability for citizens to defend what they don't understand...democracy. When far right wing extremist capitalism takes over by declaring itself the one true and correct system, this gives them the authority to silence opposition and/or eliminate it. This opposes freedom and is anti-intellectual. When extremist right wing capitalism is allowed to forever proceed further to the right, the end result is ultimately a right wing fascist tyranny.
  5. Whatever happened to the anti-war, pro-liberty, anti-prohibition (drugs), freedom minded, pro-privacy liberals from the 1960's? The current neo-liberals seem to be something different altogether.
  6. http://videogamevoters.org/ Video games have often been targeted by overzealous censors. I think we must protect free speech! If they ruin video games what is to stop them from censoring other forms of entertainment? If we work together the censors will never be able to win. I am thankful for organizations like the Video Game Voters Network and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
  7. http://www.intervote.net In short, Intervote is a way to gather data from the internet community and compare that data to legitimate polls and see if the results are the same or different. I'd also like to cross reference results with how a congressperson or senator voted and see if the wants and desires of the people who used the site align with how their representatives vote. Please feel free to answer the questions on the site. For more info click the about us tab (http://www.intervote.net/about-us/). Any criticisms or suggestions are much appreciated. I just launched the site and would love some feed back. Btw I know the titles are cheesy but I didn't know what else to put. I.E. "Let the world know what you think" I think it sounds kind of pretentious. http://www.intervote.net
  8. Are conservatives REALLY conservative? If conservative is supposed to mean less/smaller government and more freedom for the people, then why are drugs illegal? Why did Bush waste trillions over seas? Why did conservatives champion corporate welfare for banks after the housing crisis without making sure that "too big to fail" was fixed.. Today the too big to fails are even bigger and they have gotten a pat on the back for their wreckless behavior... and the madness continues. On that note, why do conservatives bow to corporate special interests instead of practicing what they preach -- "free markets"? Why do conservatives care if homosexuals marry? It seems to me that a true conservative stance would be for the government to get out of the marriage business altogether. Why did Reagan start the "Obama Phone" program that Republicans of today rip on?
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