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Found 9 results

  1. Here is one of my political theory's; 1. Within thee past 60-100 years, has the United States of America become better or worse Overall Morally and Ethically? 2. Within thee past 60-100 years, has thee United States of America become more Liberal Democratic, or more Conservative Republican? 3. So what has been the problem within America Politics Morally and Ethically, for the past 60-100 years? I've asked at least over 50 people these questions. I've asked Socialists, Democrats, Liberals, Moderates, Libertarians, Republicans, and Conservatives, and 2 out of 50 disagreed with this. Thee other 48 or more answered it like this; 1. Worse Overall Morally, and Ethically. 2. The United States has become a lot more Liberal Democratic with the past 60-100 years. 3. The Liberal Democrats have been the problem in American Politics, Morally and Ethically.
  2. Why the hell are libs bashing Pence for taking his marriage seriously? I am pretty sure even most of the libs on this board agree that the guy saying he won't have dinner with women other than his wife or drink without her company is perfectly acceptable and quite gentlemanly.
  3. God is part of the Politics of 2016. I have been doing similar things as the following over Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and other places fishing for men. It is what it is. The following may be enjoyable if you love Jesus Christ. It may be painful if you live in darkness. I have been working for God full time. I have done things like Tweet the Kremlin "Istanbul Not Constantinople". It is about to be Easter, so what is God doing in the world right now, and how does it affect politics? What is an Apocalypse? It is an opening of the eyes, or a tearing away of the veil from hidden things. To best understand an Apocalypse I like to use Socrates. To Socrates everyone is out for what they believe is good or for their own best interest. There is a Socratic Paradox that says if everyone is out for what they believe is good, then how can Evil exists? The answer to that Socratic Paradox is the existence of Satan who is a liar. Satan is a liar and deceiver, and works to put man into darkness like a cave. Man learns to stare at a wall, and knows nothing else. He becomes comfortable and complacent down there. Jesus Christ is the guiding Light out of the Cave. Ideologies are most often false idols. They are where a man decided he knew better than God. Where a man tried to be a god. False idols represent stumbling blocks. (Ezekiel 14:3) How many stumbling blocks do you have? Do your beliefs line up with the Bible, or do you use the Bible to try and rationalize your beliefs in wrong ways? Something from the Bible that has been lost in translation is Thumos. Jesus grew up in a Middle East with Greek and Roman culture. Thumos is most often described as Righteous Anger. It is Righteous Indignation. It is what a man feels when his honor has been violated, or his friends or family are threatened. It is a complex word, and a good article to read about it is at theartofmanliness.com. Thumos is the Bible 20 times usually applying to God's Righteous Anger. I like to use 1 Samuel 11:6-8 and Ephesians 4:26 for effect. It is a complex subject, and instead of writing you a book, I will link five short popular music videos, and write a few words for things for you to key in on. The videos are arranged in a way to make a point. It is like art. God's Spirit is like a Train at a constant rate of motion. There is a calculus to it based on prophecy, and current world events. Lonely Train - He is The Lord of Hosts. That is, your body is a host for his Spirit. Jesus cast out false spirits. You cannot judge a book by its cover. Slow Train - God's Anger is slow. Man lives short lives, and he gives them time to repent. Is there a point of no return before War, Famine, Plague. Be Angry and Sin Not. Locomotive Breath - Ezekiel laid on his side for 390 days to simulate the siege of Jerusalem. Isaiah walked naked through the streets for two years to show the people how they would be leaving. Jeremiah walked around with an Ox Yoke to show the bondage they would be in. What might a Post Modern Prophet look like given Amos 3:7. No Leaf Clover - The Stone Rejected By The Builders Becomes the Chief Cornerstone. (Psalms 118:22)(Luke 20:9-19) Train Gone By - Some are Left Behind?
  4. While looking for something to take my mind off the horror of today's "Inauguration," I found this ebook by Scott McMurrey: "Trump Revealed and Republicans Unconcealed for Millennials." It seems to be free today and tomorrow. ( See the author's website at bit.ly/ScottMcMurrey for the details.) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7T7KZH It's for young people (and old) who don't follow politics much, and who think life will go on as before even with a troglodyte like Trump in the White House and a Congress full of slime balls. I'm going to give it to everyone I know like that. And there's also a free infographic to send around with a cheatsheet of actions anyone can take to resist the coming calamity. It took my mind off the dejection for a while today. Maybe it will do so for you too. Stay strong. You're going to have to be in the new, post-reality era.
  5. Will liberals ever stop whining about every little thing? It's the main difference between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives learn from our mistakes and improve upon them. Liberals blame everyone else for their mistakes. Liberals need to take some responsibility for once!
  6. From -- Politicist: http://politicist.net/2015/07/06/2016-democratic-presidential-candidates-an-introduction/ New York — A few days ago, I published a post introducing the Republican Party’s presidential contenders. Since then, contenders for the Republican nomination have themselves in a twist, responding to comments made by Donald Trump. On the other hand, members of the Democratic Party are focused on the candidates that have thrown their hat into the ring. Here’s a chance for you to meet the candidates. Again, check back for independent candidates and individual candidate profiles. Sanders Webb Clinton O'Malley Chafee [---Read More---] If anybody could visit the site and let me know what they think and/or subscribe and share it, that would be great!
  7. There are numerous problems and issues in politics however one seems to weigh in other issue more than others, and that would be Extreme partisanship. Other wise known as radicalism. Today the main two parties that dominate America politics have gone to new extremes of liberal or conservative politics. So much that the politicians often left in the gray, or the politicians that compromise are lobbied against by their own parties for not being extreme enough. No longer do politicians listen to the people, but rather to the sponsors with the big money. Our government is now controlled by the rich and the few. No longer do politicians attempt to do their job which is to represent everyone and compromise. Instead we get one party trying to assert its agenda on all others. We've have gotten to the point where we have had to shut down the government because another party was so afraid of another party getting it's way. If you don't see that as a failure of government or even politics then so help us God. Are political system is on the road to failure. Politicians only care about the votes. You can seriously believe that bringing a snowball is proof that global warming isn't real? Never have I ever seen any evidence not supporting Global Warming so if you do please share after all I would like to hear from a real scientist like all these other politicians keep ranting about. No longer is the future of our society in mind. Politicians think about the now not the future. There has always been the choice between what's easy and what's right. Sadly the decisions are made the easy way not the right way. Reform is needed here. The government needs a multiparty system. Not everyone is represented now due to the dominance of the two major parties. Representation is a basic right in our constitution so why is it being denied? Coalitions need to be made so everyone in our country is represented and so politics as a whole will compromise again. The electoral college needs to be discarded as well because the electoral college system is a broken system. A broken system that worked 200 years ago. It is an outdated system that no longer represents voters in their best interests. A vote should count the same in every state not be transformed into a number that represents different states unfairly. Now some people here might blame Democrats or Republicans however it is both parties fault. I my self may be a democrat, doesn't mean I agree with them always, and I blame them just as much as the Republicans for the way our government is. Both are at fault so why don't both of them mend the problem together. Bipartisanship is set up to fail in our country so why continue it?
  8. What is your favorite political parody? Comedy is important to politics because it seems like comedians can be more honest about politics through comedy. People on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, all hold back on some of their stronger opinions because they cannot be blatantly honest and they have a formula they have to follow. Comedy allows people to be free. What is your favorite political parody? This is mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSnMSrXzMpA It is of a man who claims to be a tea party member singing about how President Obama doesn't love America.
  9. Here's a shortlist of WHY we can never take liberals and progressives seriously. All of these items were issues that liberals and progressives were vehemently opposed to....... until their D got elected. We're talking YEARS of endless debate on how WRONG these issues are......Then they mysteriously joined their messiah in lock step to support virtually EVERYTHING they VEHEMENTLY stood against only a short time before: Following Bush's withdrawal plan in Iraq ESCALATING Afghanistan Bombing Libya(After Bush) Covert arms deals to our enemies(Substitute Reagan for Bush) Supporting multiple regime changes Making Patriot Act permanent TSA DHS EXPANDING NSA surveillance Assassination of American citizens outside of warzones and without due process( this actually happened AFTER Obama took office as even Bush wouldn't stoop to assassinating his own citizens on purpose) GITMO Torture Feel free to add more issues as to WHY you should never take liberals seriously or believe ANYTHING they post. Edit: Added TSA and DHS Edit: Added debt/deficit Edit: Wall Street/big bank/financials success Edit: added picture for word/language impaired
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