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  1. https://felexsanders.weebly.com/journal/this-violent-and-unprovoked-attack-on-acosta-is-an-attack-on-cnn-and-is-therefore-an-attack-on-free-speech-and-freedom-of-the-press Here is the video to the much discussed and debated altercation between an intern at the white house and Abilio James "Jim" Acosta an American journalist who is the chief White House correspondent for CNN. This video clearly shows that the intern invaded Acosta’s space aggressively, “using deliberate force” attempting to take the microphone from him. In my opinion, the intern did with aggression willfully attack Acosta physically and did make first physical contact giving Acosta no other choice but to deflect the attack. This is a natural reaction to a physical assault when protecting oneself from a violent assault. Therefore Acosta did nothing wrong and simply attempted to defend himself from a violent physical and aggressive assault on his person. The intern is wholly and completely at fault for initiating the first contact and for becoming aggressive and assaultive without provocation. This is just one more Trump attempt at suppressing the media. Trump is using this as a means to suspend CNN from press conferences and from access to the white house. It is a well known and well-documented fact that Trump has a running dialogue with CNN in a very negative way and that he has and always will detest CNN for its open and honest reporting of his diabolical and despicable administration. The media and the American people should be very concerned at this move in that it is not just an attack on CNN but it is a deliberate and malicious attack on all media nationwide and all citizens of the United States that contradict or expose Trumps lies, manipulations and deceit. Trump has constantly bashed the media and called it out as being the “Enemy of the People” which is an extreme Nazi stance, one that Hitler used frequently. Our constitutional rights are being assaulted by this administration at levels unseen in modern times accept by nations such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other such dictator regimes and it must be called out and called out loud and clear. If Trump has it his way the media would be completely suppressed and the only news we would ever see or hear is that which Trump personally authorizes being broadcast from his own personal “State Run News Media Stations.” I would suggest every single United States citizen commit the following amendment to heart, mind, and soul and let it be on the lips and in the pages of every single patriot, reporter, broadcaster, writer, and newspaper and/or magazine and/or news outlet nationwide. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Our constitutional rights are being attacked as I write and it is up to us to ensure that our laws are always obeyed and adhered to in every instance and that includes the office of the President of the United States who is not and never will be above our laws. NEVER! In conclusion I would just like to add that I stand with The Resistance and that means more to me than just being resistant to Trump and his fascist cabinet and his nationalist republican party, which I believe is paramount at present because these affect the rest, it also means being sensitive to all things related such as gun control and health care and economic growth and national and international security and planetary health and foreign affairs and job growth and ethics in government and constitutional awareness and minority equality and women’s health and immigrant affairs nationally and worldwide and a myriad of other just as extremely important issues that affect Americans and our allies. The news media has been talking a lot lately about America and the world becoming insensitive to Trump and all of the ridiculous policies his administration is putting out there as well as all of the racist and vile statements regarding women and minorities he’s spewing from his twitter account, his white nationalist rallies and from his podium and all the lies that assault Americans from him and his cabinet on a daily basis and they are right to a certain extent. One does become desensitized after a while but we must splash ourselves with ice cold water because we cannot allow this to happen and I mean not even in the slightest. If we begin to accept this monstrosity of an administration as normal we are doomed, the world is doomed. We now have the Congress and many judgeships and governorships nationwide not to mention the landslide of Democrats in lower official offices such as attorney generals of states and commissioners who flipped from red to blue in counties nationwide, we are on a democratic upward shift and must keep the momentum up at all cost. To become lackadaisical now and to brush off Trump and his administrations divisive rhetoric, prejudice and lies as a daily occurrence as if it means nothing any more or to begin to accept it as a normal part of life would be to fail the American people and that is unacceptable in my opinion. We (THE RESISTANCE) must now more than ever put more wood to the fire and more nationalist republican feet to that fire and increase its intensity a thousand fold if we are to take 2020 and by God I want 2020 to blow into a monstrous BLUE HURRICANE AND TSUNAMI the likes of which this nation and the world has never seen. So, when someone says to you “oh that is just normal” I hope you will become enraged and immediately correct whoever is talking and thinking like that because nothing about any of this 2016 to present political environment is normal nor is it acceptable. John Lewis said, “You must be bold, brave, and courageous and find a way... to get in the way.” And that is truth spoken from a man that knows what it is to fight for justice and freedom. Let’s follow that rule and get in the way and speak out for truth and justice, equality and decency and integrity. Let’s keep America the greatest nation on the planet and show everyone that our way is not just an experiment in democracy but a true and righteous way of life that should be shared and known by all people the world over. Stand Up! Speak Out! Get In The Way! We Are The Resistance! We Are American Strong And Proud!
  2. This will be a chat to discuss the idea of what a politcal party with people of all different backgrounds could make. Please bring your ideas forward but no shutting down ohers right's to speak.
  3. It's funny how easy people forget the European situation. Does no liberal remember why people left to start new in America? The reason was purely to escape oppression and live free. Free from control. Goverments always corrupt over time by anyone with power who manipulates for various reasons, but usually bad ones. To covet, lust for money, lust for control, basically lust of themselves in the mirror. Though thou mount on high as the eagle, and though thy nest be set among the stars, I will bring thee down from thence, saith Yehovah. (Obadiah 1:4) All most people want is to live their lives and be left alone. I polled 150 liberals, asking them which party believes in a smaller government. None of them answered correctly out of 150. Not 1. This was in Portland, Oregon. They don't even know the definition of conservative. Now blacks are the funniest people of all. Among blacks in the south, just look it up, how many of them vote Democrat? And now you may refer to the battle of the blue and the gray, the Civil war. Notoriously, the white slave drivers are democrat, so why would blacks vote democrat? When it comes to guns, I believe no government official or employee should have the right to own, hold, use any weapon not already available to the public in every state, as every state should have no limits on how many and what guns a person may possess. The reason is right there in the Constitution signed by my great great great grandfather Benjamin Franklin; to prevent government control from going too far to the point their power surpasses that of the people. This is what is means to be free, so when they require a gun permit , charge you money for it, it is actually unconstitutional. The government tax, which is what it is in this case, must be justified, but it is not completely justified. Much of that money is fed to sources it does not belong to, constitutionally. Waco was a perfect example of unconstitutional control over people. Like a patient and understanding father, he does not lead his children into temptation with quarrel. This is exactly what the feds did by encroaching upon their land. They had no right, and assume they answer to nobody but themselves and laws made unconstitutionally by mentally ill politicians, doing whatever they can to bring back the European problems. Now Muslim banking has surpassed all others worldwide. Even Muslims write the encryption software for the F.B.I. This nation may have been founded on freedom of religion, but you can't have one nation under God if there are multiple gods. If any truth were to exist in the current government, an amendment would be made to separate those of separate religions by county and or even state. Such extreme measures are necessary to prevent the other extreme measures which are even more illogical. China was smart. They built a wall. How many lives do you think this saved? How many kidnappings, rapes, robberies, torture? How would China exist today without the wall? How would the people look? The answer is simple. They would mostly be the product of rapes as has been going on in Muslim countries for too long. Allah says a woman is nothing, and to be treated like property. If god made this so, why do women pass 40% of their genes to their children? Women are inferior only, not insignificant , not to be left behind in any case. Those are the facts. If you don't like the facts, go start your own country somewhere else. This one is mine. Get out. Go to Canada or something where everyone has been brainwashed by fear through mass media that the government somehow has some excuse to take anything away from you. Go live where eyesores and free energy is illegal, puppets of ignorance.
  4. The Constitution does not recommend or prohibit any economic system and this implies that any system may be used in a democracy if it is agreed upon. By not understanding the definition of democracy and replacing this with capitalism leads to a confusion that results in the inability for citizens to defend what they don't understand...democracy. When far right wing extremist capitalism takes over by declaring itself the one true and correct system, this gives them the authority to silence opposition and/or eliminate it. This opposes freedom and is anti-intellectual. When extremist right wing capitalism is allowed to forever proceed further to the right, the end result is ultimately a right wing fascist tyranny.
  5. calling all whistle blowers to come forward with any and all information to help rid this country of the corruption within our government and the corporate banks. reply on here or on our facebook page "truth seekers". if it needs to be done anonymously then contact me by email and we will figure something out. this country needs us. we are the resistance and will not stand for the distruction of the constitution or our rights within it. kelly.deal91@gmail.com
  6. Everyone that I know, and probably most of the people you know, think that the United States is a democracy. I'm not sure how or why this notion has taken over the country, but I think that its implications can be frightful. I never thought much about this topic until someone sent me a link to a youtube video about the american form of governemnt What do you think? Should we be a democracy? Is the video linked above accurate? Is there a rebuttal to the video?
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